Flexibility, Professional, Affordable – What Can You Expect From Virtual Offices?

Indonesia’s commercial real estate market is similar to others where the closer you get into the city the higher the rents.  A few of the other issues that those looking to lease space in this country relates to infrastructural issues that can make securing an office difficult. Virtual Offices For the most part, unless you can connect with someone in the know, finding office space through a serviced office provider can be one way to alleviate finding space in this country.

Generally speaking, because there is an overgrowth of buildings in some cities compounded by infrastructural issues, the rents in prestigious locations are high. One solution is to avoid the extra work that goes along with making sure you are knowledgeable in Indonesian real estate law and contracts and go with your nearest serviced office provider. There are some fantastic solutions offered through serviced office providers, namely virtual offices.  While primarily an online format, those who lease the virtual office will be pleasantly surprised to learn the office is as functional as many of the standard offices.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect when leasing your virtual office space in Indonesia.


One of the great benefits of the virtual office is it is a flexible way to lease office space. For one, it is cost-effective, and it places the location of your office in proximity to major business centres which can be extremely expensive. Then, the space provides professionals with great internet service, usually Wi-Fi, in addition to access to common office equipment and amenities, including the conference and meeting rooms.

The space’s terms tend to be very flexible as well, as initial start-up costs are very low. Plus, the effort to move in and relocate the business is also very flexible in that it only requires businesses to modify their leases. Scalability is also a plus in that the virtual office is one of the best ways to transition into a physical office.

Professional Platform

The virtual office provides your business with the chance to convey a more professional image to the public. These offices are usually close to urban areas, which gives your business the right address and phone number in some of the prestigious districts in the country. However, the virtual office can also provide a professional platform for your business in other ways.

Through the online platform, you can essentially build your office’s infrastructure online, whether we are talking about bookkeeping software, platforms for hiring people, and apps that will allow you to communicate with teams. Then, if you ever need to meet with teams in a physical space, the conference and meeting rooms that are fitted out with smart technologies can provide the platform to hold meetings and give presentations. Furthermore, this platform allows you to use the marketing tools to research markets and social media marketing to attract clients to your business.


The virtual office is one of the most affordable office plans because it allows businesses to use office space on an as-needed basis. Businesses do not have to pay for office space every day in the month, especially if they are not going to use the space. Ultimately, this workspace in an online format is accessible from any location and provides your business with a workable solution to getting closer to many of the financial districts in the country.

The Three Factors In Affordable Workspace

Office space that can give you the flexibility can help you convey a professional image, and is affordable is rare to encounter. The virtual office in Indonesia can help you combat some of the hassles that come with trying to find an office in an unfamiliar market. The tools, the address, and the price are arguably some of the best features you can find in the virtual office.

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