What if your charity had to grow donations by 10X or face failure? (think social media)

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What if your boss told you that unless donations magically increased by ten-fold, they’d have to shut the doors on your 501(c)3 forever? What would you do? You’re the marketer, so come on, think of something quick. And it better be good. MDG Advertising put together a great infographic about how well nonprofits are doing by using social media for fundraising. But could social media bring a ten-fold increase? If social media isn’t bringing hordes of cash into your business, maybe it’s because non profits are doing a better job of utilizing it than you are. Read how these major 501(c)3’s are crushing their donation campaigns.

98% of all non-profits use Facebook pages

Facebook aids 501C3sThat’s insane. Are 98% of the companies in your industry using Facebook? And, three forths of those charities use Twitter as well.

Facebook Helps Charities
Facebook’ recently added “Facebook Gifts.” Since “the Zuckerberg” has now made it easier to donate on Facebook, many charities are reaping the benefits. Early adopters include the American Red Cross and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. “How much money are they bringing in?” said the non believing CEO. They’re earning an average $59 per donor. Multiplied times thousands of donors, and that’s one big, heavy piggy bank.

Charities benefiting from Facebook

The most important thing to take away from this article is right here. If you ignore the rest of the article, just pay attention to this one item.

If people see a friend has donated on a social media site, 39% of them will donate too.

If people see a friend has donated on a social media site, 39% of them will donate too.

Did you catch that? Did I stutter? Mr. CEO, why don’t you go stew on that for a while? How does that statistic jive with your notion that social media is a waste of time. And aren’t you the guy always caterwauling about “building the brand?” Well hear this, a full 68% of people, having seen a friend donate, will go and learn more about the charity. Social media can help you build your brand.

Using Twitter can increase funds raised by 10X

Using Twitter can increase funds raised by 10X
I’d repeat that statement, but then again, you can just go re-read it. It reminds me of business school. I happened to be present the day they taught business at business school and as I recall, they said bringing in ten times the amount of money you’d normally bring in was considered a good thing. Maybe your CEO agrees? Having a Twitter presence and using it correctly can drive a ten-fold increase in donations.

Remember, social media is about people having a trusted conversation
An individual doesn’t have much money (I know, I’ve seen my bank account). But when lots and lots of people each donate a little bit, it adds up to a lot. And since these people trust one another, they are more likely to act based on what their friends are doing. That’s why social is thriving. It’s because these are trusted conversations. Trusted conversations are fueling donations to non-profits. But they can fuel for-profit businesses as well.

What about crowdfunding?
Lets not forget a form of giving that is outside of the normal 501(c)3 donations, crowdfunding. On just one of those those “little crowdfunding” sites that your CEO read about on his plane trip to Poughkeepsie (and then promptly forgot about), donors gave over $2.8 billion in 2012. Starting to get the picture?

Does your CEO still think social media is a complete waste of time?

Maybe he or she should shut up and take a look at the stats presented here. However, I know what my regular readers are going to say. “Nate, look. You haven’t exactly been social media’s biggest supporter. You won’t shut up about email marketing.” Well pout pout. I never said social wasn’t a fairly awesome thing. I only said that in the mean time, if you are too focused on social, you are going to loose sight of the fact that there are few things that have proven themselves as valuable as a properly built email subscriber list. In fact, one of your goals with social should be to use social to help build your email list. But with these stats in mind, I must say I am very impressed with social marketing’s ability to help with charitable giving.

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