Why Employee Training Is So Important For Successful Small Businesses

If you’ve ever found yourself running a small business, you’re likely going to want to find ways to make sure not only it’s sustainable, but it’s successful as well. small business employee trainingChances are, you’re going to think of ways to improve on your services or products, or even your branding – but perhaps where it matters the most is in your operations. Specifically, your employees. If you want your business to succeed, you might want to focus on their training. That’s right, this is something you may actually be able to pull off.

However, let’s begin with a few statistics. Businesses in the United States alone lose as much as $500-billion annually because of employee disengagement, which implies there’s less motivation to employees, which can therefore lead to them not working hard. In fact, only 13-percent of those who work online are engaged with the work they do. More importantly is the fact that 76-percent of employees actively look for growth opportunities for their careers, with 87-percent of working Millennials claiming that paying attention to their career growth and professional development are extremely important. Moreover, 40-percent of employees without good training actually tend to leave their jobs even without making it through a year, and 69-percent of those who are open to various career growth opportunities may already be looking for them. Institutions such as Go Training actually provide various means of training for employees and other workers, which can help them be more informed and up-to-date with industry trends and practices.

Employee Training: Successful Business Essentials

With the above taken into consideration, it’s important to understand that it’s not only employees want employee training, but success hinges on how well everyone is prepared for every situation. Properly arranging training for your employees while your business is expanding can put you at an advantage against your competition. Here are other reasons why you should focus on employee training for your business:

  • Instill sustainable and continuous growth: It’s important to instill a quality of continuous and sustainable growth to your employees, so they know on the onset that part of your goals in your company is to make sure they’re constantly growing with the company. Instilling this mindset allows them to realize that you’re not treating them as “just workers,” but rather as partners and team mates that have to learn with you as you try to make your endeavors successful.
  • Encourage personal and professional development to your workers: When you train employees, you encourage and motivate them to be better than themselves. Instead of making them see work as something that they just do for eight hours every day, they can now look forward to things such as learning new skills not only they can use for the company, but also for other parts of the industry. This at least ensures your employees are accounted for in terms of continuous improvement.
  • Introduce trends and innovations without leaving your employees in the dark: A lot of employers tend to just tell employees to go learn something, and expect them to excel immediately. When you pay attention to their progress in training, especially when it comes to innovations and trends, you can at least ensure employees slowly learn about trends in the industry and get them to a learned level where they can use what they’ve learned to your advantage. Having them learn about new things about the industry keeps them fresh, and being up-to-date helps make them feel more relevant to the company.
  • Training builds camaraderie, stronger ties: When your employees train, try to do it in such a way that they get to explore their respective skills and abilities on a personal yet cooperative way. This means you should try to organize training whereas employees get to shine individually and still coordinate with each other. This gives you a ton of opportunity to help them get to know one another better and establish camaraderie in a professional sense. This also gives them an additional reason to stay with you longer, because while work can get stressful, the company is at least good and bearable. Remember, your employees’ happiness is just as important as their contributions to your company.
  • Efficient training programs can make sustainable practices: If you’ve seen that your particular training has allowed employees to improve upon their abilities and skills, you should take note of what’s been done and try to make it an official system. This at least allows you to be in a position to continuously practice these with new employees without having to formulate an entirely new system. This also puts you in a position where you can improve your training program without having to create one from scratch all the time.

The Takeaway: Employee Training And Success

If you want your business to succeed, it’s important to remember that it takes more than just a good marketing strategy, a good sales plan, and good operations to pull everything off. You need to be able to maximize your ability to train your employees in order for them to shine with their respective skill sets, and actually be able to contribute their best to your business. This might seem like an idea out of an inspirational film, but this actually works for you in the long run. If the above has been any indication, investing in employee training can very well be the kind of investment that can make or break your company success.


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