Here’s why Millennials Prefer Government Jobs over one at your Small Business

When you think about government jobs, you do not exactly picture a group of 20-somethings teeming in the office.Why millennials prefer government jobs over private jobs However, the times are changing and the millennials now are increasingly interested in government jobs over private jobs. One of the basic proofs of this shift in interest is evident from the number of young candidates appearing for government exams like IES, IAS, and so on. The government is looking to fill thousands of posts at any given time and the skills asked for match perfectly with the abilities they possess. The following are a few of the reasons why millennials are increasingly opting for government jobs.

  1. A sense of purpose

The goal for the millennial goes beyond earning money; they want their job to serve a greater purpose. This is exactly what they get in government jobs and that is one of the reasons for such high number of candidates sitting for exams like IES. When one works at a private job, like your small business, the sole purpose is serving the company to garner more profits. However, in a government, you end up serving the country and have a chance at contributing to its continued progres. The positive changes that can be brought in by government jobs is a major draw.

  1. The ease of searching the jobs

The knowledge of government jobs can be found easily, unlike the private sector jobs. There are websites that are dedicated solely to government job exams like IES, IFS, IAS, and the likes. You get everything from the important dates, announcements, to even some valuable study material on these websites. Besides, government jobs come with a syllabus that you can go through and practice accordingly. If the candidate practices well enough in all of the topics of the syllabus, then they have a high chance of cracking the exam. This is unlike private jobs where there is no set syllabus they can follow.

  1. Maintaining the balance of work-life

There is no denying the fact that private jobs are hectic and there is hardly any time left for oneself after the day’s work is done. The millennial employee looks for a better work-life balance and that is something easily achievable through a government job. Millennials look for more flexibility at work to make sure things are balanced at home. Government jobs usually take no more than forty hours in a week and thus, young employees get enough time to pursue their other interests. Besides, there is a list of major holidays in addition to extra days off that one can take.

  1. Putting career on fast track

With government offices, a person might not get things like meditation rooms, napping pods, Ping-Pong tables, and snacks room but that does not mean that government jobs are without any perks. A significant number of current government employees have reached the age of retirement which makes it the right time to join public service. Promotions in government roles come on a periodic basis which is a big reason why millennials are so keen on them.

  1. Ability to gain good contacts

There are many high profile jobs in government and with the right position a person could very well be rubbing shoulders with judges, ministers, and the like. Some get the opportunity to work beside senior officers and many have years of experience in the field. The mentoring that mentors receive from such senior officers helps them immensely in life and in moving forward with their career. With the number of millennials rising in government jobs. They also get loads of like-minded peers to work alongside with.

  1. Getting help with student loans

There is no denying the fact that the cost of education has risen significantly in the past few years. For any specialized degree or course, student loans become an inevitability. The excellent pay packages of government jobs provide the perfect opportunity to pay off those loans.

  1. The added amenities and perks

Millennials look for that extra edge in whichever work they do and that pertains to the jobs that they want. Government jobs come with multiple perks and amenities that are not available in private sector jobs. An employee is entitled to receive medical, health, and retirement benefits. Even travelling allowances and aid in the education of the employee’s children are offered. Once an employee of the government, the government basically takes care of all their needs.

Thus, the choice is clear for millennials. More and more are opting for government jobs and the good news is that the number of job opportunities are also on the rise.

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