Would You Move to WordPress after Yahoo! Acquired Tumblr?

Yahoo buys tumblrSo after weeks of speculation, Yahoo has officially acquired the popular blogging site Tumblr for a whopping $1.1 billion in cash. In a blog entry posted on her own Tumblr account, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that the two companies have finally “reached an agreement to acquire Tumblr”. She also promised that they would not “screw it up”, adding that Tumblr already has a great thing going and will therefore operate independently from Yahoo. Mayer also added that its current CEO David Karp will keep his designation.

This is good for Tumblr since it currently hosts 105 million different blogs and has 300 million monthly unique visitors to worry about. And if something already works just the way it is, you don’t really have to change anything. As they say, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Yahoo’s Plans for Tumblr

What Mayer did say, however, is that Yahoo is going to help the blog site “get even better, faster.” According to Mashable, Yahoo intends on doing this by making its “media network and search experiences” available to Tumblr. What Yahoo hopes Tumblr will bring, on the other hand, is increase in visitors, something that Yahoo really needs these days.

Just a few days after the acquisition, however, Mayer addressed investors’ questions on how Yahoo plans to profit from a company that isn’t earning as much yet but currently enjoys a huge user base. Mayer answered this by stating Yahoo’s plans of bringing ads to Tumblr if users want them.

The first thing that came into mind when such plans were announced was Google AdSense. Given the fact that Mayer previously worked for Google, it’s no longer surprising if such move becomes part of the plan. Besides, it’s no secret that Google makes a ton of money on ads, so if such a strategy is indeed adopted by Yahoo, it can attract more investors.

Concerns from Tumblr Users

The concern would probably come from users. What makes Tumblr immensely successful is user experience. Compared to WordPress, Tumblr is more user-friendly and more social. It’s also more mobile friendly as the Tumblr app allows half of Tumblr’s users to update their blogs via their mobile or business phone (more info). It also allows more personalization and customization, which is really great for bloggers, especially for beginners. This is probably the reason why Tumblr enjoys 120,000 sign ups per day. If ads were to really come to Tumblr, user experience will probably be affected. And WordPress probably knows this.

WordPress vs. Tumblr

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’s CEO, took to his blog post in stating what he thinks about the Yahoo-Tumblr deal and how it may have increased the number of blog imports from Tumblr to WordPress. According to Mullweg, the deal may have caused 72,000 imports made in an hour on Sunday alone (May 19) to take place.  That’s a huge number compared to the usual 400 to 600 imports from Tumblr.

While this sort of information may assume that many Tumblr users aren’t happy with the acquisition, not everyone sees it negatively. Many users are actually expressing their loyalty to Tumblr despite the acquisition. Their reason: WordPress simply can’t do what Tumblr can, and by that they mean the interaction and community that Tumblr provides them.

When asked whether ads will turn them off, some users say that though ads may indeed be a little bit of a turn off, they aren’t enough reason to ditch Tumblr for WordPress. The amount of time and effort invested could be a good reason, but it still boils down to user experience. The huge community that Tumblr has is simply too important. Leaving it for WordPress may be something that’s not entirely beneficial for many. So even if Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr may seem to be bad news for some users, keeping Tumblr the way it is despite the presence of ads, may prove to be a smart move for Yahoo.

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