You can achieve the impossible negotiating

You can achieve the impossible negotiating

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Some people know how to negotiate without any hesitation, whereas others prefer to stay away from such tricky debates. Those who negotiate are likely to get what they want, while those who don’t have any other option but to accept the things that are being offered to them. Everyone should find a way to negotiate efficiently and that’s even more important for entrepreneurs who want to stay in business.

Unfortunately, numerous business owners spend a fortune on things that they need, including stationary and even accountancy fees. That’s why their profits are low, while their expenses keep increasing. This state of affairs must change and business owners should start to understand that everything in this world is negotiable. All you have to do is establish what you want to achieve. Combine preparation with courage and competitiveness, and you’ll surely get a good deal!

We are all born with the capacity to negotiate. We spend our lives negotiating and sometimes we don’t even realize what we can do with our words. When we’re young we cry to convince parents to fulfill our demands; as teenagers we make promises to clean the house if we’re allowed to sit on the computer, and as we age we end up closing deals and molding our future. A negotiation is like a conversation that seeks to reach an agreement. To get what you want, that conversation must end in your favor.
Preparation is the key ingredient to a successful negotiation
Know your counterpart

People are used to a single type of negotiation style, which is wrong. We must tailor our negotiation style and mold it so that it can please our opponent. Preparation is the key ingredient to a successful negotiation. Check whether you have negotiated with that individual before. Perform a brief research to discover as many details as possible regarding their negotiation style. Investigate if your counterpart is desperate to close the deal and you’ll be able to settle on the right strategy.

Appearances are very important

Individuals purchase from individuals. Hence, you have to make sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothes before getting involved in a negotiation. Besides, you have to control your nonverbal gestures, as well the tone of your voice if you want them to send the right message. Hide your emotions and show your counterpart that you are calm and confident. Always keep in mind that different people have different opinions, so you can’t expect your opponent to think like you.

Always seek knowledge (ASK)

Don’t assume that your counterpart is an honest person. Instead, you should help him be honest by asking various relevant questions. Discover his intentions early and don’t hesitate to ask for the things you want! Your opponent can say NO, but he might also say YES.

Listen to your counterpart

Let your counterpart know that you also have other alternatives at your disposal. This will help you get a better price. Go for sentences like: “It’s so hard for me to choose between A (your opponent’s brand) and B (the competitor’s brand). Ask them to suggest a new price and when your opponent makes an offer, listen carefully to what they have to say. Dissect every single to make sure they have solid arguments for every statement made, and you’ll certainly come across affirmations to use in your own benefit.

Closed questions can help you seal the deal

Price is vital, there’s no denying about that, but there are also other aspects that impact the profitability of a deal: quality, exclusivity, service, delivery, payment terms and many others. When you want to close the deal, ask closed questionsTry to come up with solutions that are beneficial for both parties involved in a negotiation. When you want to close the deal, ask closed questions. Summarize the conditions so that everyone can understand the things that have been decided. A win-win agreement might benefit both parties, but this doesn’t mean it’s always the greatest decision. Don’t forget that the goal is to get a deal that benefits you first, and then your opponent.

Can we achieve the unachievable negotiating? Sure we can; whether we’re talking about business or real life challenges, every individual has good negotiation skills. Yet, if these skills are left unexploited they vanish. We can only achieve success if we practice, and it’s impossible to fail when we’re determined to win.

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