Your Twitter feed is too full. How to calm it down with one easy app.

My Twitter stream is full of cat videos!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with a Twitter stream full of people you followed-back just to be nice because they followed you (and not because they were so awesome)? If so, that might mean you aren’t getting anything of value out of Twitter because there’s just too much noise in your Twitter stream. If you read this blog you have interest in the topic of “email marketing” but your Twitter stream is packed with so many links to cat videos, that you can’t find the posts about email marketing.

If this sounds like you, there’s an easy way to regain control of Twitter so it can be the really useful tool that it was when you first started using it. If done properly, you can easily get a lot of value out of the important people on Twitter that you want to actually hear what they are saying.

Enter the iPhone app “Slices”. Slices is a simple way to segment your Twitter stream into subject areas. For example, I am interested in hearing what the important thought leaders in social media, e-marketing, entrepreneurship, and search engine optimization are saying. But since I follow hundreds of Twitter users, it’s impossible to see anything in all that noise. So, I have segmented the people I follow into these subject areas (the subject areas are what the app Slices calls, well, “slices”):

  • Social Media
  • eMarketing
  • SEO-deliverability
  • Entrepreneurship
Social Media slice in Slices for iPhone
I’ve created segments of just the Twitter topics I want to read about

I next went through my list of people I follow and indicated which category (if any) that they were in. Now, when I want to read about social media topics, I open the Social Media slice and I see only those Twitter feeds that talk about social media. When I want to read about “fantastic kitchen recipes that use rutabagas,” I open the “Awesome Rutabaga Recipes” slice. So far, I don’t have a single feed in that slice, but I’ll keep looking. And, if a Twitter user that I follow doesn’t fall into any of my slices, I don’t worry about it. I simply don’t add them to a slice. That way, whatever they are posting about the latest shenanigans that their cat “Sprelunkers” is doing, doesn’t occupy my day.

Slices will help you regain what you lost from Twitter feeds that got too busy

Have you found any great iPhone apps that help email and social media marketers? Let us know in the comments. And please, no links to cat videos : ).

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