4 Affordable Investments You Can Make in Your Small Business Today   

Struggling to think of ideas to cost-effectively promote your business? In the online era, you don’t need to break the bank to achieve an ROI.grow your small business If you believe marketing means you need deep pockets to fund expensive advertising campaigns, think again.

All you need to gain more reach, build your brand, and convert more sales, is time and effort. Follow these 4 low-budget tips to grow your company and boost your profits.

  1. Guest Post Blogs

What if you could take advantage of other authorities in your niche by tapping into their audience? Guest posts allow you to do precisely that. Search your niche and review the top 10 websites that come up on Google results. These sites have an established audience that they’ve built over years of marketing and site optimization, and you can benefit from their hard work by providing them with a guest post to publish on their blog.

Once you have identified your top 10 prospects, reach out to their marketing department and inquire about their terms for guest posts. Some large sites require a blog fee to post an article, but it’s well worth it, considering the potential traffic to your site from your linked article.

Your content must be engaging and geared toward their audience. All it takes is one link in a guest post to drive hordes of new traffic to your site.

  1. Go Social

Are you on social? Most companies include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in their marketing strategy, but are they using them to their full potential? Merely posting products and offers on your page isn’t good enough. Social is about engaging with your target audience. Your social strategy should include outreach, targeting, and conversation.

Reach out to influencers and niche authorities, ask them how you can leverage their audience to grow your own. Most influencers will be happy to accommodate your request for a small fee.

Discover and target new prospects by using free or inexpensive marketing tools to find people that are interested in your niche.

Engage your prospects by joining their conversations. Offer value by providing solutions, don’t push your product or service in their face. If you do an excellent job of helping your prospects solve their problems, they are more likely to reciprocate and visit your page, site, or retail location.

  1. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

While we’re on the topic of social media, did you know that you can advertise to a targeted audience on these platforms? These companies spend billions of Dollars collecting user data and categorizing it. Take advantage of their database for a small fee and reach more prospects, while improving your conversion.

The cost of advertising campaigns is minimal compared to the results that you can achieve by targeting the exact demographics of prospects in your niche. This strategy works well for both online and offline businesses, streamlining your marketing budget for optimal results.

  1. Direct Marketing with Brochures

Believe it or not, print isn’t dead yet, even with the advent of social media. Take a look around your office, home, or inside your car. The chances are you have a few brochures lying around that you’ve already read a thousand times over and mean to throw away. The fact is that they still float around these living and working spaces, and are read by family members, friends, colleagues, and employees.

Brochures and direct marketing campaigns are a useful and inexpensive marketing tool for local businesses and event planners. Use a custom shipping company to deliver your message and spread your marketing material where it will create the most impact.

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