4 Ways to Redecorate Your Small Business Office or Cubicle

Whether you have an office to yourself or an office cubicle, it’s important to take it from a sparse area that’s uninspiring and vacant to one that is uplifting and positive. cubiclesIt can be a little tricky with office areas when redecorating them because not everyone understands the concept of improving your office space for a better life. You may also be subject to some restrictions about you can and cannot do in your area, so check the regulations in your office before you begin.

Here are a few ways to change your office or office cubicle to make it more inviting.

A Painting Hanging on the Wall

When you have your own office with some decent walls, then you could buy a painting to hang up. It would certainly take the spartan look of the blank walls and add significantly to their appeal. The choice of artist and painting is your own as there are many thousands to choose from, including the classics through to modern artists. To make it easy to find the right choice for the office, browse these watercolor paintings to find the right one for you. Just make sure the painting isn’t likely to cause offense to anyone, as some of the classic paintings used provocative imagery that might not be acceptable in a modern office environment.

Add Some Plants

There’s nothing like bringing in a couple of potted plants to add some life to your office area. The greenery is most welcome by people passing through who enjoy replacing the beige color palettes of many offices for something greener. The plans will help to clean the air a little bit and improve the overall mood for anyone who enjoys flowers.

A Rug

You may be able to add a rug to your office, but you’ll need to get approval for it as it could be a health and safety issue. If you’re able to situate it under your desk and chair position, then it’s possible that it won’t get in anyone else’s way and might be okay. When you are permitted to select a rug for your office, it’s probably best to choose one that uses a material that provides ample grip to people wearing shoes, to avoid any accidental slippage, just in case.

Decorating In-Tray

When you don’t receive that many items in a given week into your in-tray, but you’re still required to have one on your desk, consider creating a colorful alternative one. There’s no set requirement that it must be plastic and black and unsightly! You can create your own color-filled, alternative in-tray that works just as well and adds both character and personality to your desk space, without drawing too much unwanted attention.

Redecorating your office space is a little more difficult than updating your bedroom or home office. There are some things you can do and other things you cannot. You have to know what the ground rules are first and then work within them to not cause any problems for yourself.

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