5 Must Have Tools for IT and tech start-ups

Alright, you are finally stepping out to make a career move on your own. Like most entrepreneurs your objective is to start small and expand. To do this, you are going to need the right tools. Every start-up (specifically IT and Tech) needs branding and tech tools to be visible and competitive. You are likely looking for something with style, speed, ease of use to get yourself started, and of course, an affordable price tag.

There are hundreds of thousands of tools available on the market, but on such a constrained budget, it can be a huge challenge to find the right tool and time to actually acquire it. As an entrepreneur, you are probably busy as a bee and would rather focus on your business plan or making sales than spending hours prospecting or shopping for tools. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it, you may spend hours looking around. We suggest ding your research first. Here is are some tips to get you started:

  1. MacBook Pro starting from $1,099. This computer is the most expensive item of our selected tech and branding tools for IT start-ups. Apple has a strong reputation in making long lasting, innovative technologies with amazing designs. The MacBook Pro has different features but the traditional 13-inch, 2.5GHz with 500GB will get the job done. They have a great reputation, but are also known to be a bit more expensive. If a new MacBook pro is out of your budget, try a factory refurbished product. It usually costs $200 less, does the same work with the same guarantees.
  2. A second screen display: Samsung BX2015 20-Inch 50 series LED backlit monitor at $299. There are a lot of ergonomic benefits to working with a larger screen. It helps your eyes rest and de-stresses your neck as you work. Plus Samsung made a good looking screen, fast (2MS response time) with HDMI inputs.
  3. The small dual media wireless and router: Belkin Max Play wireless Router with Apps, from $99. Naturally after acquiring the perfect computer you need a reliable router to connect across your office. Keep your office or workspace clean on construction mess from installation or untidy Ethernet cables with a wireless router.
  4. A multifunctional printer: Kodak ESP office 6150 from $230. It’s amazing and will simplify your life as it has printing, faxing, copying and scanning functions in one easy to use system.

Office branding and design: This is super important as appearance and first impressions are important when bringing in new customers. You are on a budget but you still need to look professional to show to your targeted audience that you are a legitimate business. StickerYou has the solution. Simply go to their online platform, upload your logo and create your own custom wall decals, floor decals, window clings, laptop decals and more in any size, any shape, any quantity you need. Check out this video on how they helped rebrand a tech start-up:


About Nancy Nan

Nancy Nan is a Business Research analyst at Netscribes, Inc.