Awesome Social Media Campaigns That Provided Huge ROI

More and more, world-renowned brands have started to focus on social media to reach a wider audience, expand their target market, increase their revenue, and build brand awareness.Awesome Social Media Campaigns That Provided Huge ROI
Here is a brief overview of seven campaigns that stand for their significant return on investment:

1. Old Spice Real Time Videos

Given the significant drop in the sales rate, Old Spice has decided it is time for a comeback. They orchestrated it with real-time videos! The campaign encompassed over 180 funny videos in reply to the user comments on Twitter and other social networking campaigns.

The results were more than satisfactory given the fact that the Old Spice official page gained over 30,000 new followers only several days after the campaign was launched. At one point the Old Spice channel was the most watched Youtube channel ever. Sales were up over 50% a few months after the campaign was ran. Thanks to social media, they were up over 100% compared to before the campaign was started.

Put simply, make your brand seem fun, and people will come. Old Spice did, and the results were extraordinary.

2. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

Dove has launched numerous successful marketing campaigns throughout its existence, but perhaps none of them were as successful as the Beauty Sketches campaign. The campaign went viral within days.
In a nutshell, Dove aimed to show that women see themselves as less beautiful than they actually are, so it hired a professional criminal sketch artist to draw women based on their own description. The results were astonishing, as only 4% of the women considered themselves beautiful and the sketches were far more flattering than the description provided by the participants.

The ad has been viewed more than 120 million times, and has became the most viewed online ad ever. It is safe to say that this campaign raised awareness both for the cause and the brand, and a 30% increased market share suggest that the campaign was a huge success.

Strike an emotional reaction the right way, and you can strike gold. Dove is the perfect example of this.


3. The “Dumb Ways To Die” Campaign By Melbourne Transit Authority

This is a funny and engaging campaign designed to promote safety tips around Melbourne’s public transportation system. The clever social tactics used in this clip coupled with intelligent social media promotion (and a really catchy song!) have helped the public transport authority in this Australian city to achieve great visibility in only several months.

The video got almost 65 million hits on YouTube a year after it was launched. It was successful because the catchy and clever song was entertaining enough to be enjoyed by people of all ages who watched it over and over. Plus, it was so creative and unorthodox that it won a huge number of awards.


4. Mater Prize Homes

Despite the fact that this is a fairly local social media campaign aimed at Australians only, Mater Lotteries “Change Lives” was at least as successful as the campaigns mentioned above.
The campaign was lengthy and very complex and it involved street teams, triggered SMS response, on-screen promotion of the campaign, electronic competition drawing tools and other efficient promotion tactics such as offering one lucky fan the chance to spend the day with the Brisbane Lions football team.

The results? Over 1300 SMS entries during just a single Brisbane Lions game, around 2600 total competition entries and no less than 2400 new subscribers to the e-newsletter of Mater Prize Homes, and loads of money raised for Mater Institute cancer research. This can easily be called a win, and just goes to show that people are ready to participate in a good cause, especially if it is fun, convenient and easy to do so.

5. Tweet-A-Beer Campaign By Waggener Edstrom/Tenfour

The Tweet-A-Beer campaign was very successful given its innovative concepts. Basically, this campaign was aimed at those with Paypal and Twitter accounts, and it allowed them to send beers to each other via Tweets! In reality people send each other 5$ via PayPal, enough to treat a friend that is thousands of miles away to a beer. Also, you could both use the same #hashtag on Twitter and enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

The campaign received great media coverage and traffic to the official website of Tenfour creative agency has doubled right after it was launched. This campaign is a perfect example of how you don’t have to create something immediately relevant to your company if your company ethos is congruent with your campaign. And of course, give people beer and help them break the ice when meeting new people (well, beer always breaks the ice!), and you just can’t fail.

6. Heinz – Beanz Campaign

Who hasn’t heard of the popular Heinz ketchup? As popular as this ketchup may be, few people know that Heinz actually produces a wide array of other products and foods, so this campaign was aimed to raise brand awareness. In a nutshell, this is a smart social media campaign based on humor and it involves an interactive game (the “My Grown Up Beanz” game), where users were asked various questions about their personality traits.

The game involved five different “grown up beanz”, and each participant was assigned a particular bean that matches their personality. The results of this social media campaign were very encouraging, as no less than 22,000 participants have played the game and the official Heinz Facebook page has received tens of thousands of new fans.

The campaign increased Heinz market share by 2.3% and gave an ROI of at least 3$ earned for every dollar spent. This campaign, just like the next one we will talk about, stands to show how humor and helping people remember their childhood can be a great motivator for them to open their wallets.

7. The Roller Babies Campaign By Evian


This campaign was amongst the largest YouTube mega hits, and the secret was certainly the innovative idea of creating cute virtual babies on roller skates. The computer-generated babies did all sorts of tricks like back flips, and it seems that this appealed to the public, since the video gathered about 20 million views in just the first couple of weeks, and over 10,000 comments and tweets, thus making it one of the most viewed online ads in the history of marketing campaigns. This all translated to a 7% increased market share.

A successful social media campaign should include several “special ingredients”: a creative idea that either helps people relax, raises awareness towards a cause or is just plain entertaining, an innovative presentation and a professional, targeted marketing strategy to promote the campaign as efficiently as possible.

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