Earn Higher Revenues by making Your Smartphone a Crucial Part of Your Business

Managing a small business entirely from your mobile phone is not as far-fetched as it sounds. The power our small handheld devices have is quite extraordinary if you think about it. If you’re running a small business, here’s how to use this power to your advantage to manage and grow your business and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Stay on Top of Communications
Smartphones are an integral part of business communication. We can check and respond to email, conduct voice and video calls, prepare documents and presentations, and plan our business trips all in one place.

Never Miss a Message
Small business owners who are struggling to keep up with the daily volume of communication they receive can benefit from an app like Pushover. It sends push messages to all your devices and organizes messages and notifications in one common space. Pushover integrates with dozens of applications and you only pay a once-off fee of $4.99. And no matter where you are in the world, with unlimited data plans from a reliable carrier like T-Mobile staying in touch with clients and coworkers has never been easier. Never fear missing an important email or message again!

Get More Than One Number
Did you know that you can add another number to your current phone? This is useful for those wanting to keep separate personal and business numbers and for industrious entrepreneurs who run more than one business. Skype is probably the first application you think of that offers a secondary business line. But check out other apps like Line2 or Flyp, which allows up to six numbers on one device.

Time Management and Productivity Tools
It seems every second article on the internet these days is about productivity and time management. Finding more hours in the day is something every busy person is grappling with. Help is in the palm of your hand. From the Pomodoro Technique to time-tracking tools, there are plenty of tools and apps you can download on your phone to help you keep track of your time and increase your productivity. Todoist, available on both Android and Apple devices, and OmniFocus, only for Apple, are popular apps for keeping track of that ever-growing to-do list.

Connect to CRM Software
Many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs allow users to connect to them from their smartphones. No sales representative who spends most of her time on the road should be without this one. Having CRM data on prospects and leads at your fingertips, as well as quick access to existing customers’ sales histories, is a huge advantage. See your bottom line increase rapidly as your sales team closes more deals more quickly.

Research on the Go
In a busy day, sometimes time gets away from you. Before you know it, you’re rushing out the door to a meeting that you haven’t had time to fully prepare for. Use that time during the commute or while you’re waiting for your meeting to begin to do a little research on the fly. Whether you need to learn a bit more about the company you’re working with, or need to look up some additional facts for your presentation, Google can be your best friend.

Project Management
When major projects start to fall behind schedule, the delays can put you over budget, and this can amount to lost revenue. That’s every project manager’s worst nightmare. Use your smartphone to stay on track with a wide range of project management apps. Die-hard Gantt chart fans will enjoy a familiar environment with OmniPlan, which offers iPhone and iPad users a similar experience. Trello is widely used because it provides a simple yet effective way to manage your projects using a Kanban board layout. Trello is available for both Android and iOS and is free to use.These days, cell phones are so much a part of our daily lives, and they also feature prominently in how we now conduct business. By maximizing the use of your smartphone, you can give your small business a substantial boost.
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