How Small Businesses Can Acquire Better Marketing Images on a Budget

Images are vital to any business and you will find that you need to use them extensively throughout your marketing. However acquiring good marketing images isn’t easy – especially when you’re running a small business and have a limited budget.

How Small Businesses Can Acquire Better Marketing Images on a Budget

Odds are hiring a professional photographer every time you need marketing images isn’t an option. The good news is that there are other ways that you can get the marketing images that you need.

Take Advantage of Stock Photos

Stock photos are a great resource for small businesses and will provide you with a wide range of images that you can use for your marketing.

However stock photos tend to have different types of licensing, and in most cases you’ll want to look for:

  • Free stock photos that don’t require attribution

If a stock photo is free and does not require attribution you can use it as and how you see fit without having to credit the original owner. Nowadays there are quite a number of websites offering free stock photos that don’t require attribution, and browsing them will give you a better idea of what your options are.

  • Royalty-free stock images

Unlike free stock photos, you will need to pay for royalty-free stock images – but only when you first purchase them. After that you are free to use the images in any way you see fit. In general you will have more options to choose from compared to free stock photos, and it is still very affordable.

As a rule you should always check the licensing agreement and make sure that no attribution or royalty is required, and that the images can be used for commercial purposes.

It would be best if you edit the stock images that you use and give them a unique spin. If you want you can even add a watermark, and for example you can use Movavi Photo Editor to do that by following the steps at

Snap Your Own Marketing Photos

Needless to say there are few ways that are better to acquire the marketing images that you need than by snapping photos yourself. That is easier said than done however, and if you don’t have much experience with photography you’re likely to struggle.

However in some cases you may not have much choice, especially for product photography. In a pinch you’re going to have to make do with what you have, though the following tips can help:

  • Use soft lighting

Soft lighting is the easiest to work with as it doesn’t cast hard shadows. If you want you can use natural light from a large window or a LED lamp, and cover it up with cloth or white paper to diffuse it.

  • Invest in a tripod

A tripod is a solid investment and shouldn’t hit your budget too hard. It will let you keep your camera still while you capture photos, and allow you to make adjustments as required.

  • Find a good background

A good background can make a world of difference, and you should look for something that is clean and seamless. If you want you could DIY a photography sweep of some kind.

That should help you to get started, and you can always look for other resources to help you out if you need them.


Be sure to draw on the options described above and figure out which ones you’d prefer to use to acquire the photos that you need to market your small business. To be completely honest it is likely that you’ll want to take advantage of all of them for different types of images.

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