LegalZoom VS. Swyft Filings

When it comes to Incorporating an LLC, that is a Limited Liability Company; more people are choosing this method to form their new company.

A most practical way to incorporate a new business, thousands of individuals look to LLCs daily as a way of getting started in their industry.

Ultimately, an LLC works to provide increased benefits, offering a better balance between that of corporations and partnerships.

In the United States, incorporating an LLC requires individuals to appoint a registered agent while completing all the vital but often complicated paperwork required by law.

For this reason, many businesses decide to turn to the professionals in this field, allowing them to take care of all the necessary steps for them.

Two respected companies, as such, are the outstanding LegalZoom and Swift Filings.

Here we pit the two against one another to see who comes out on top when it comes to LLC services.

LegalZoom VS. Swyft Filings a Brief Background

LegalZoom Origins: Formed in 2001, for most people, LegalZoom is immediately recognizable when it comes to providing business solutions. Offering their services to a wide range of business types and indeed sizes, for many, they’re the go-to people when it comes to the more complicated and intricate of business items. This is perhaps encouraged by the company’s confidence in dealing with all their clients by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee commitment. With millions of people choosing LegalZoom for their business formations, this company continues to work hard on redefining the legal care system to ensure it is a fair playing field for all.

Swyft Filings Origins: A more recent addition to the business formation market, Swyft Filings have certainly made up for this lack of time by attracting a vast customer base. Created by business specialists, the company’s aims are in offering solutions to all business types and sizes, emphasizing the LLC process. However, they believe they can do this at a cost that rivals many of the more prominent and longer-established firms – but all without losing that dedicated customer service process. Designed to take the pressure off all individuals looking to start in a new business, they aim to take care of all the necessary paperwork, thus freeing up valuable time.

LegalZoom VS. Swyft Filings for Pricing and Packages

LegalZoom Business Costs: LegalZoom provides a choice of three specific packages that are designed to walk you through their LLC formation process step by step. These begin with their Economy package, which is priced at $79 and is a fundamental entry-level choice. Their Standard package, which is their most selected package, offers all the Economy selections plus the next level of care. However, some customers find that for what it does offer, it can be considered overpriced. Finally, customers can opt for their top package of Express Gold. At $349, this includes all Economy and Standard features alongside a faster processing service for all state documents.

With LegalZoom’s Registered Agent services, the fees begin at a flat rate of $299 yearly. For some, once again, this is a little more than many are keen to pay, particularly when compared to that of Swyft Filing’s fees here, for example.

Swyft Filing Business Costs: This company also offers a collection of three specific package types to help with the LLC formation. These are wonderfully priced and include a Basic package at $49, which aims to get your business incorporated with minimal hassle. Their next step up is a Standard package at $149. This offers additional essentials required for getting that business off the ground. Their final package is the Premium choice at $299. This is a complete package and covers everything needed to get your business up and running smoothly.  

For their Registered Agent services, their prices start at $149.

LegalZoom VS. Swyft Filings for Track Records

LegalZoom Feedback: LegalZoom has been trading for a great deal of time; therefore, they are not without their glowing customer feedback. With this long-standing reputation comes a practical and no-nonsense approach when it comes to LLC services and Registered Agents services. For many businesses that have arrived at LegalZoom via previous satisfied customer feedback, they praise the company’s ability to deal with all business types and sizes. Many customers recommend their straightforward approach to what can be, at times, a rather complicated process.

Swyft Filings Feedback: Though this company hasn’t been trading for long, they have certainly attracted some fantastic high ratings from customers regarding their approach.  With impressive comments from many satisfied businesses, they are higher than average when it comes to LLC formation and Registered Agent services. This is all due to their increased care and attention when it comes to dealing with their customers. Most importantly, they’ve developed a nationwide reputation of getting the job done in a quick time, leading many to recommend their services via word of mouth.

LegalZoom VS. Swyft Filings for Customer Service

LegalZoom Helpfulness: In contrast to the Swyft Filings top-level customer service, we’ve read of many a problem when it comes to adequate communication with LegalZoom’s team here. Though we haven’t personally experienced any specific problems with communication, it’s hard to ignore the many reviews of people claiming to struggle to obtain some form of contact with the team. In addition to this, a concern of ours has to be the delay with email support. As a crucial means of communication these days, LegalZoom does fall behind concerning the time they take to respond as well as the lack of credible information they offer throughout this method. However, this is undoubtedly an area where the company is concentrating on going forward.

Swyft Filings Helpfulness: When it comes to the perfect communication process, Swyft filings wins hands down. During our experience with the company, calls are responded to quickly, with problems dealt with without any hassle. Furthermore, for those many questions that we did pose to them, the Swyft team was able to answer each one with confidence. With the ability to contact them using phone, email, and web chat, the entire customer service process is swift, professionally focused, and extremely friendly throughout.

LegalZoom VS. Swyft Filings Who Gets our Vote?

When making that final choice of whether LegalZoom or Swyft is the better one, we are professionally torn between the two!

Turning our attention to the specifics, both companies offer an excellent package when dealing with LLC formation and indeed registered agent services.

However, when pressed to select one, it must be Swyft Filings. This is simply due to the reduced cost of their essential services, alongside a guaranteed same-day filing. Their ability to interact with customers so well also seals the deal here.

That said, LegalZoom is just as reputable and a worthy winner. Though they may be slightly costlier, they do offer more regarding their additional features. All they need to do is pay a little more attention to their current customer service procedures.

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