Marketing 101 for Pump Companies

How to get your business noticed

The key to running a successful small business is marketing. You may think it is having a great product and this certainly helps. But, the best product in the world will not give you a successful business if no one knows about it!small-business-pump

Getting your marketing right is as essential as having the right business traits. It doesn’t matter if your selling dewatering pumps or key chains; you need to follow these guidelines:

Know Your Customer Base

The first job you need to do is identify your market.

This may seem obvious but if you’re selling pumps are you looking for individual customers or large businesses? Who is going to use and be able to afford your pumps?

This gives you an idea of the demography you are trying to reach and the most likely way in which you’ll be seen by them.

For example, individual customers will often use social media to find the product they want and look at the reviews left by others.

Large businesses will be more interested in the profile of your company and how your pumps perform. You’re more likely to meet them on a face to face basis and illustrate your product.

Generate Content

Both the above approaches require you to generate content for the web. This is how you’ll be noticed by them and gets them to look at your products.

Great content involves discussing the merits of your pumps and relating it to both real world situations as well as their specific needs.

The placement of this content will be slightly different but you’ll need to use keyword optimization to help ensure you are near the top of the search engine rankings.

Studies suggest that 91% of people do not look past page 1 of a search; if you’re not on page 1 your marketing opportunity is dramatically reduced.

You must add videos to your content marketing. How to use a product or the benefits of a specific pump are very popular options.

More people are likely to take the time to watch a video than those that will read your whole article. This is why visual aids are so important to establishing your persona and your business.

Add A Hook

You also need a hook to draw in your new customer. This could be a marketing trick such as giving something away free to every user or to one specific one.

It could also be an opportunity for the customer to interact with you. This is a great way of improving your social standing and creating repeat customers. This will help your business to become successful in the long term as well looked after customers will be loyal.

Watch Your Competition

One of the best ways in which you can stand out from the crowd is to do the opposite to your competitors.

If you’re selling pumps and everyone is increasing prices then be the firm that actually drops them; providing you’re still making a profit. This will certainly get you noticed!

About Jesse Hughes

Jesse Hughes is a writer and blogger at KDA Incorporated.