Recruiting Talent to Your Team – 4 Tips for Small Business Owners

Navigating the complex dynamic of the business environment is a challenge for any entrepreneur. Most business owners are kept busy handling marketing, finance, and legal issues, so much so that they neglect the most precious area of their business, their team.Recruiting Talent to Your Team - 4 Tips for Small Business Owners

Without your team, your business is dead in the water, are you doing everything you can to retain talent and attract new employees?

Every small business owner needs an employee development program that uplifts and empowers their staff. By training your team, you create an incentive for your future and current staff, as well as a company culture that promotes and rewards employee development.

Potential employees value working for a company that provides training and development as part of their benefits. Implementing a development program may sway talent away from your competitors and could be the determining factor that makes a qualified candidate apply with your company over another firm.

Here are 4-tips you can use to develop your staff and attract new, qualified employees to your business.

  1. Set Up Your Hiring Process for Success

The first area that demands your attention is the hiring process. Every entrepreneur and business owner needs to take into account what matters to today’s job-seekers.

According to research conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper, there are 3-components of a company that attracts qualified and competent employees; the potential for career growth, as well as flexible work arrangements, and competitive salary packages.

  1. Offer Opportunities for Career Growth

Recent non-farm payroll statistics show that the American economy is nearing full-employment. In this competitive environment, employees have more options, especially if they’re qualified. Finding a talented prospective employee is a challenge, but what if you could change your business operations to attract the talent to you?

Offering a development program provides an incentive to employees, they’re more likely to sign up with your company if you provide training than with a competitor offering no employee development and a higher salary.

Everyone wants to move forward and progress in life, by providing a development program, you give them the opportunity to grow, and that’s a massive incentive.

  1. Review Your Company Culture

Do you have a company culture that defines your business, your team, and your operations? If you don’t, then you should consider building one. Creating a company culture that revolves around training and development has tremendous results in boosting employee productivity and morale.

Keep an open-door policy around your office and create employee guidelines that boost morale and teamwork. Something as simple as lapel pins for your business provides a sense of community and equality among your staff.

  1. Create Incentive with an Attractive Salary Package

Every potential candidate wants to earn what they’re worth. Always present candidates with a fair deal when structuring their salary package. Research competitive compensation packages in your industry and offer a little more than other companies.

This strategy may cost you more in wage overheads, but you’ll attract a better caliber of employee. It’s better to spend the extra money and reduce your staff turnover than have to deal with a revolving door of new employees.

  1. Consider Flexi-time Work Arrangements

In today’s digital era, it’s possible to run a remote team. If your business doesn’t require your staff to be on site, consider offering a flexi-time position to new candidates. Many people living in city centers spend over 20-hours commuting to and from their jobs every week.

If your business doesn’t require you to chain your employees to a desk, then offer a flexi-time or remote position, you’ll be surprised at the response to this incentive.

Wrapping Up

Hiring the right people is a headache for most business owners. Follow these tips and employees will fall over themselves applying for a position at your firm.

Why spend hours qualifying candidates when you can create a steady stream of prospective employees that come to you?

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