Small Business Ideas for Students

University is getting more expensive every year. Many students look for ways to make extra money to help them avoid huge student debt. Some get part-time jobs; others try to make money online. But, have you ever considered Side incomestarting your own small business? Often, people are put off by the idea of massive start-up costs. However, these days, so much can be done online yourself, in a lot of cases you can get started with nothing but an idea and a website. In fact, my own daughter makes student income by selling her own handmade jewelry. Here are some businesses you could start today.


Cleaning might not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it has its advantages. Everyone needs to do it, but not many people enjoy it. Students can be rather messy, and often, don’t have time to clean. So, you could easily get quite a lot of work. If you are studying an online course, such as an online political science masters, cleaning would be ideal, as you could arrange to be free when other people are out of their homes.


If you are a keen photographer, with a good camera, you could easily turn your hobby into a business. Photographers can be very expensive, so sometimes, for proms, parties and other special events, people are willing to use a beginner to save money. Make a great website to showcase some of your best work, and build a physical portfolio to show perspective clients.


Baking is something you can easily do from home. You need ingredients, kitchen space and talent. The celebration cake industry is constantly growing. So, if you frequently receive compliments on your baking, consider making it a more professional service.


Tutoring high school students is a great way to make extra money. Use your own knowledge and pass on your experience by knowing how to find a tuition job. To make your service stand out from the rest, offer college application help, too. If you don’t want to tutor in an academic sense, is there anything else you are good at – a sport or playing an instrument perhaps?

Moving Services

Offering a moving service could be a great idea. In many cases, students move house every year. Moving is said to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do, so people are keen for as much help as they can get. If you can drive, and have access to a van, offer your services as a man (or woman) with a van to help on moving day. If not, get a collection of boxes from a local shop or restaurant, plenty of tape, scissors, marker pens and bubble wrap, and offer a packing service. Most people hate packing and would pay for help.

To help you find a business that works for you, make a list of everything you enjoy, or feel you are good at. Would other people pay for these services? Set up a simple website, and use social media marketing to advertise your skills. If you’re studying an online masters in political science from George Washington University, you will learn just how influential social media can be. Use it to your advantage.

Working part-time when at college is a great way to boost your income, and as any student knows, every little bit helps!




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