Small Business Owners- Is an Online Degree Program Right for You?

One of the most worrisome signs is the fact that college enrollment is down as of May, 2016. Although it is yet unclear whether or not this pattern will hold in the coming years, there seems to be a sense of apathy among young Online degreeentrepreneurs looking at job prospects for the future. Having just come out of a recession that lasted almost the entire time most college age students were in their teen years, it’s no wonder that they would have such a grim outlook.

However, there is some amount of hope as well because a growing number of students are seeking an online curriculum such as an online RN to BSN degree from prestigious universities like ASU, Arizona State University. Since there is no doubt that many of today’s entrepreneurial students favor online studies, it’s time to take a look at your own life before registering for classes. If you are a small business owner, is an online degree program right for you?

Factors to Consider

Most often students look at things such as cost. Will they be able to afford the rising cost of a post-secondary education that is set to increase significantly in the coming years? If you are seeking a nursing degree, for example, you might want to consider an online nursing degree since the costs associated with getting that degree are so much less than an in-class option. Bear in mind that tuition isn’t the only cost involved. Housing, meals, books and travel are also high-ticket items that need to be factored into a college budget.

Your Personality Type

Before even considering studying in an online nursing program you need to first discover whether or not you will be able to meet the demands this type of education involves. You need to be a self-starter and highly motivated as well. Those students who need that little ‘push’ to get them working on their next class project or to study for finals probably wouldn’t do well online. It was also thought at one time that introverts did better online but one 2002 study indicated that extroverts who liked to participate in educational chats and video presentations fared better than those who had to be led into interaction with peers and professors. Which type of personality are you?

Perseverance Is Key

Just because you are taking an online accelerated nursing program doesn’t mean that you will have your degree in a matter of weeks. Rome wasn’t built in a day and so you can’t expect that degree in a proverbial day either. Perseverance is key when studying online and so you will need to keep yourself going, sometimes against all odds.

With growing numbers of students realizing it’s much cheaper to get a degree through distance learning (online classes) it is hoped that the national average of college attendance will rise once again. Yes, there are occupations that don’t require higher education but those jobs are limited. If you want a career with a future, stay in school even if it’s in your living room!

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