What Makes a Good Printing Company for Small Business?

We get that different printing companies have different turnaround times regarding when they’ll deliver the final product. Some may even take months while some just take a couple of days. However there are certain instances where you need your material as soon as possible—and a company that offers same day printing services is the one you want then.

What Makes a Good Printing Company for Small Business?

But we can assure you there’ll be many offering this service. So how will you know which one to do business with? We’ll give you a few pointers below regarding which same day service printing to go with—or any printing company for that matter.

Tips to Consider When Looking for a Printing Company

Reputation is Important

Before picking a printing company for your small business, you must look into their reputation first. Call it part of exercising your due diligence as a company to avoid any disappointments.

Here you basically find out just how long have they been in business. It’s always a good idea to deal with reputable companies who have experience in the industry. That way you don’t risk getting substandard work.

To get an idea of a company’s reputation consider the following:

  • Customer references: You’ll be amazed the kind of information you can gather from people who have had first-hand experience with the company.
  • Social media: In this modern digital era, most serious companies have an online presence. Platforms such as Linkedin can give you a lot of intel about the printing company’s portfolio and experience.

Customer Service

Closely linked to the company’s reputation is the customer service it offers. You can use it to your advantage and dig up some information—either good or bad—about the printing company in question. Make use of the customer reviews to also get useful information.

You want to deal with a printing company whose staff is:

  • Professional: Do they conduct their work in a professional manner? This can include anything from sticking to deadlines or just general etiquette. Do they have good communication skills? Find a company who have staff that’ll take care of your needs from start to finish plus who are also trustworthy.
  • Responsive: Just how quickly do they respond to any queries you might have? Better still, do they even entertain any changes you might have and take time to deal with the matter? Imagine dealing with a printing company that makes important decisions about your material without consulting you. Don’t tolerate it.  
  • Friendly: It goes without saying: Working with a group of friendly people is always a joy. This makes it easier to relay any challenges you might face with ease.

Have a Look at Their Past Work

Opinions, references and reviews are always worthy eye-openers considering the information you can get about a particular company. But rather than taking people’s word for it, how about you have a look at their actual work? After all the best way for you to gauge their expertise is by having a look at projects they have done.

So don’t be shy: Ask to see the printing company’s product portfolio which includes the different work they have done in the past. It’s not uncommon for them to have these records on hand.

This is a dynamic way you can tell if the printer delivers work that is consistent in terms of quality. And quality shouldn’t suffer when you request same day printing services either!

Do They Care About the Environment?

And yes, the environment is extremely important. It’s in your best interests to deal with a company that takes the management of their carbon footprint seriously. Dealing with printers who couldn’t care less about the environment could unfortunately reflect badly in your business. Opt for a printing company that has effective energy conserving policies in place and recycle discarded paper.


We’ll be the first to admit: The pricing factor can be very tricky. Do you work with a company that has relatively cheaper price structures or expensive ones? The answer is to find the perfect balance between pricing and service.

What do we mean? Opting for a company where the prices are too good to be true means there’s a pretty good chance the printing company will be over selling their services: Promising what they won’t be able to deliver. Never sacrifice the quality of your products for a cheaper price. This will impact negatively on your business.

Case in point: The reason why a printing company will be charging lower prices is because they may be using a cheaper ink to reduce costs. So be wary of that.

In-House Capabilities

Is it a one stop shop? Here we mean, do they offer a wide range of printing services? Smaller printing companies may have limited scopes of work they offer. As a result they may have to outsource some of the larger projects such as printing banners or signage.

What this effectively means is an increase in the actual cost of the service so as to incorporate the outsourced costs. Not only that, but it’ll take longer to complete the tasks—which ultimately throws the same day aspect out the window. In such cases it would be best to deal with a larger printing company to avoid the mentioned scenarios.

Final Words

If you find a printing company that ticks all the right boxes then you’re in luck. Put effort into building a relationship to enjoy quality service; And you’re likely to get discounts as a repeat customer. It’s worth the effort.

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