5 Ways to Improve Your Business Card Today

funny business cardYour business card is the classic marketing tool. It’s what potential customers expect when you meet. And therein lies the problem: far too many business cards look exactly how you would expect them to. Which is to say, they look just like everyone else’s. Naturally, your business card has to contain certain elements: your name, company name, logo and contact information. But you don’t have to have the same layout or design as everyone else. To stick in potential customers’ memory, your business card has to surprise them. If you want a better business card, here are five ways you can improve your business card today.

1. Print on the back

Given the exceedingly low cost of digital business card printing, I continue to be shocked when I see business cards printed on one side only. What a waste of valuable real estate! You can print anything that will help you generate sales from business cards: a list of features and benefits, a special promotional offer, or a powerful call to action. Some businesses use the back of business cards to set appointments or take notes. That’s fine, but you should still print on the back of your business cards to denote their purpose and importance.

2. Include a call to action

Does your business card include a call to action?  If not, you’re wasting another opportunity to motivate follow-ups. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you pass out your typical business card (name, contact info). OK, so we know how to get ahold of you if we need you. So what? Now, let’s say you add in the text: “Call now to see how I can save you 10 percent on closing costs before August 1!”  Which version do you think will get more calls?

3. Add a dynamic photo

If your business card features your typical mug shot, lose it. Rather, add a photo of you on-the-job: at your desk, shaking hands with happy customers, or otherwise engaging in some activity. This adds personality to your business card, which in turn will make customers want to do business with you. Customers buy from people, not companies, and featuring a bland photo that looks as though it were taken at the county jail will not foster customer relationships.

4. Choose an attention-getting die cut

Command attention for your brand with a relevant die cut that helps promote your company image. I’m not saying you have to pick a hammer shape for your construction firm (though you could); what I’m saying is if an angled parallelogram or rounded corners will help promote your image, you should use them. Square business cards and slim business cards are two other options. Die cuts can help set your business apart, so long as they match your brand.

 5. Print interactive business cards

Give potential customers a way to immediately engage with your brand with interactive features such as QR codes that have them “like” your Facebook page to augmented reality apps that feature a video introduction or product demonstration.

All of these strategies are easy to implement; and, together, they will transform your business card from the drab, expected contact card it is now to a dynamic, interactive, powerful marketing tool that will help you increase sales.

About Brian Morris

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. Follow Brian on Twitter @PsPrint .