15 Best SEO Software for Small Business [Budget Friendly]

Last Updated on October 10, 2020

When looking for the best SEO software for small business purposes, it pays to select tools that will make a genuine impact on your bottom line.

Each business needs workable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software to stay competitive in their industry. However, with so many potential choices out there on the market, it can be hard knowing which one to choose.

Which software can you do without? Which is essential? With budgets often dictating these decisions, it’s important to be aware of the SEO software you can do without.

With that in mind, here is our list of 8 essential SEO for online business software that small businesses can utilize to drive traffic to their site.

Best SEO Software for Small Businesses 

1. SEMrush

A hugely popular choice for many small businesses is SEMrush, which offers internet marketing services utilized by more than 4 million clients worldwide.


A universal platform that continually works to produce the most updated solutions, SEMrush is ranked the number one product when it comes to SEO optimization tools.

Whether you require it for e-commerce, enterprise, an agency, or competitive research purposes, smaller businesses can improve their SEO rankings alongside PPC, social media interactions, content marketing, and market research.


With giants such as Vodafone, Wix, and Bookings.com using the platform for their ranking statistics, keywords, and data-driven results, SEMrush gives users access to an all in one professional toolkit.

competitive research tools

Pricing: SEMRush plans start from $99.95 a month for their pro subscription plan, which is adequate for the majority of small businesses. The more expensive packages give you access to additional features such as historic data and branded reports (probably more useful for those offering SEO services).

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Main Features that offer value for small businesses: 

  • Keyword research tool – allows you to see what terms are popular and frequently searched by your customers, allowing you to come up with new content ideas or optimize your current content for important keywords.
  • Backlink analysis – backlinks are aa major ranking factor and this tool allows you to see your current backlinks and competitor backlinks. This gives you an idea of where you stand against your competitors and the amount of work i.e. backlinks you may need to acquire to rank higher on the search engines.
  • Site audit tool – this runs a thorough scan of your site looking for important technical issues that may be having a negative impact on your current rankings e.g. site speed, internal links, and crawling errors.
  • CPC research tool – not directly related to SEO, but very important for small businesses are pay per click campaigns. This tool enables you to see historic data on costs per click (CPC) for certain keywords in specific regions.

This can help you estimate what budget you may require and see which keywords are popular and therefore may lead to the biggest return on investment (ROI) for the products and services offered by your business.

Verdict: Overall, SEMRush is a brilliant tool for small businesses to harness to increase their search engine rankings. This tool gives you access to extremely valuable data on your competitors and industry keywords, so you can see exactly what terms your customers are searching for.

Not only is it a great tool for SEO, but their plan also includes various tools for social media and pay per click campaigns, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to take control of your businesses online presence in all aspects.

2. Google Analytics

A valuable SEO tool for many small businesses worldwide is that of esteemed Google Analytics.


A competent analytics tool, this is installed onto your company website to offer you data as to which marketing techniques drive the most traffic to your side.

Google Analytics is entirely free to use and works well; by providing visitor content, and preference data alongside vital leads and sales conversion information.

Google Search Console

Another reputable Google Tool is that of their free SEO kit.

This requires you to set up an account to be able to access critical statistics, including clicks per keywords, keyword rankings, and how many times your business website shows up in those all-important search results.

Google Search will also alert you to potential errors on your website, and there’s the possibility to link this account to the above-mentioned Google Analytics to access even more reporting tools.

3. Hubspot

For SEO marketing, Software HubSpot claims to enable businesses to outrank their competitors by rising to the top of search results.

With thousands of customers accessing their tools, here SEO is integrated with a wide variety of content tools to ensure that every optimizing opportunity is used throughout.

HubSpot greatly helps smaller businesses by working with them to help build their authority and help plan SEO strategies while optimizing content, measuring the return on investment.

Delivering some of the most powerful software to help you work on growing your business, HubSpot focuses on landing pages, email, blogging, analytics, lead management, marketing automation, social media, SEO, partitioning, ads, call to action and salesforce integration.

4. Moz Pro

A complete SEO toolset, Moz Pro works to take the confusion away that many businesses experience with SEO.

Aiming to boost your ranking alongside search engine visibility, Moz Pro works to decipher your data, so you don’t have to.

Presenting you with that unique data type that you can trust, this software also aims to streamline your workflow, thus saving you valuable time in the process. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for those smaller business types.

What’s more, Moz can connect you with industry experts in the field of SEO at any time, should you have further questions. This is via their community and extensive learning center.

With a simplicity used throughout all their tools, businesses find Moz Pro easy to get to grips with and begin noticing results in next to no time.

5. Screaming Frog

The developers at Screaming Frog have created an excellent SEO function, which they refer to as their SEO Spider Tool.

This is a website crawler that works to help businesses improve their onsite SEO. It does this primarily by allowing you to extract data alongside auditing your site for any common and potential SEO issues.

Claimed to be a most powerful toolkit, the crawler is flexible enough to allow you to crawl both those larger and indeed smaller websites in the most efficient ways and all in real-time.

The concept is to provide you with the right amount of practical feedback that will allow you as a small business to make those better and more informed decisions the first time around.

Once again, Screaming Frog is used by some of the biggest brands, including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Disney.

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs prides itself on its ability to get smaller businesses ranking higher while driving more traffic to their sites.

A practical all in one SEO toolkit, the company believes this is the perfect solution for those businesses that do not have a lot of SEO knowledge as yet.

Offering a fantastic community for instant support, Ahrefs provides business with a wide selection of free learning material, to get to grips with the power of SEO.

Claimed to be one of the easiest of toolsets to master, Ahrefs is used by some of the world’s leading names, including Netflix, Facebook, eBay, and Uber, to name but a few.

This is an excellent solution for those businesses looking to optimize their website, track their ranking progress, and learn what makes the best content for their specific industry. It also allows you to discover what your customers are regularly searching for while you analyze your competitors.

7. Park Ranger

A most professional of SEO software tools, Park Ranger prides itself on delivering unparalleled SEO solutions.

Delivering on the more unique of insights, their goal is to drive organic growth alongside competitive analysis and progress monitoring.

With a significant emphasis on metrics and data, the company works to the concept that all businesses require unique and tailored SEO solutions. Therefore, they customize such software to align it with each business user’s needs.

This includes catering to individual business work practices and, indeed, preferences, thus making it ideal for those smaller businesses.

Providing use of organic SEO, paid search functions, keyword research, integration, and competitor analysis, Park Ranger claims to work more as a partner, as opposed to a platform.

8. Linkio 

Linkio is an all-in-one off-page SEO tool with core features centered around rank tracking, backlink monitoring, SERP link analysis, and anchor text suggestions. Linkio’s toolset that helps you succeed with link building. You start by adding your keywords to the rank tracker.

Next, Linkio pulls the backlinks for your ranking page and further analyses them to form your baseline. After that, Linkio grabs the top 10 Google results for that keyword and crunches all of their backlink data. Using that information, Linkio lets you know how your backlink profile stacks up and what anchors to build next to beat them.

Linkio is a relatively new competitor in the SEO tools space, but considering its a budget-friendly pricing structure and excellent customer support, it’s a great option for any small business looking to start taking their online presence a little more seriously.

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