Social Media: When Communication Becomes Entertainment

More and more people use the internet as their source of entertainment, instead of watching TV programs and movies. Social Media: When Communication Becomes Entertainment Many of them now use social media not just for sharing of information and a platform for communication, but they have found a great advantage from it for entertainment purposes. Facebook for instance, as one of the biggest social media networks has changed into something different from what it used to be.

There was even a time, long ago, when writing on the virtual walls, tagging pictures, or being poked by friends was a form of entertainment for the many, and this has been enough to convert the everyday net surfers into users. But today, the way how people use it when they share videos, check in at locations, make virtual purchases, plays different applications and poker games has been greatly for entertainment. In fact, most people log in to their social media accounts not really to be informed, but to be entertained. Though communication might still be an important factor, it will never be effective when people see no entertainment value in it.

Aside from content sharing and streaming of videos, playing games has been one of the most prevalent social media activities. Having more app support, it has increasingly become a multimedia entertainment platform, where it seems to be the goal of every social media site. Today, communication and entertainment go hand in hand. One can communicate while he enjoys playing his favorite apps. And the choices for these apps and games just seem limitless. There are different kinds of games to choose from, but the most popular ones are casino games such as poker and roulette which gives entertainment and relaxation to so many people. Especially that there is no need for any amount just to enjoy. These games are often offered for free.

These social media sites, being an app platform has greatly increased their stickiness as a destination. They seem to stick pretty well for their millions of users and counting. Google+ for instance has added games soon after its debut on the scene of social networking. In addition, aside from being an access point for entertainment, social media has become a point of distribution for the developers, brands, television networks, etc. when it comes to providing entertainment. Facebook and Google+ are among those that try to become ubiquitous as much as possible to achieve an encompassing goal and to be the social layer of the web at large. The different social media sites, instead of being a single destination, strive to follow where their users go.

Social media websites are indeed competing to provide the most engaging conversation and quality entertainment to their users. And what’s exciting is that no one knows what would be the next thing in line. One thing is certain though, social media will continue to change in its every aspect as time goes by and the technology keeps on getting more advanced. It will continue to influence and change how people see communication and entertainment.

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