Working From Home – The Best Businesses for Women

As an increasing number of people are deciding to go it alone and be their own boss, it is no surprise that more and more workers are now running a business from their home. There are many benefits to choosing to work from home; you can set your own hours, you can take breaks when you want and you don`t have the overheads associated with renting an office. Working from home is particularly beneficial for women who have children and don’t want to be apart from them all week.

There is a wide and ever-evolving choice of home based businesses for women and these can actually be highly successful and profitable. Some home-based businesses may even surprise you!

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Home Attorney

Believe it or not, a number of attorney professionals are completely based from home and are working successfully within their roles. As we now have various means of technology at our fingertips, work from home attorneys are able to provide counsel and also check in with colleagues to keep abreast of any changes. There are all sorts of means of communication which don`t involve working in the same office and it can help law firms to really reduce their outgoings, such as Skype and emails.


An increasing number of home based recruiter roles are popping up all over the place and there is no reason why you can`t undertake this role from the comfort of your very own abode. Recruiters can speak to candidates and clients over the telephone or using Skype and can check in with colleagues using emails or with a quick call. Any screening of candidates, advertising vacancies and head hunting can be done straight from the comfort of the settee using the internet, so there is no reason to leave the house at all.

Freelance Writer

A freelance writer job is an ideal for women on the go, especially those with children to take care of. As a writer, you can expand your command of the language, learn about new and interesting topics as you research and build a portfolio to help broaden your horizons. There is decent money to be made as a freelance writer and you can set your own agenda, although you will often be required to work to tight deadlines. Conversing with clients is usually carried out by email, although there are other options such as Skype and the telephone if you want a more personal form of communication.


Who said teachers had to be stuck in a classroom reading from a blackboard all day? Nowadays, as an increasing number of people are making use of virtual learning, there is a demand for teachers to work from home. You may be tied to working at certain hours to suit the students but it saves you having to get up and face the rat race every day. Teachers can use various forms of interacting with students, including Skype and online tutorials.

Fitness Coach

It may not seem like a job which could be carried out at home but actually, a fitness coach is one of the best businesses for a women to be involved in. As more people are becoming interested in ways to take care of themselves, a fitness coach can be a really profitable business. As a fitness coach, you would be providing clients with information and advice about their diets, what exercises to undertake to improve their fitness levels and there is no reason why this can`t be done from the comfort of your own home. You can make use of video conferencing facilities or Skype if you want to add a personal touch to your business. You can also quickly and easily send out information to customers via email.


Working with crafts is a common occupation for women who are running a business from home and there is a wide range of ways to use your creative energy in this profitable manner. You can make cards, bake or even make your own jewellery. If you are thinking of trying your hand at running a business like this, you don`t need to be an expert or as creative as you may think. There are lots of evening classes which run to teach you all about these ways of making money and you can perfect a craft in no time at all. You can sell your creations on eBay from the comfort of your own home or try your own online marketing as a way of bringing in new customers.

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