A Guide to Creating a Video Concept for your Small Business

Creating a promotional video is a very powerful way to get your message across, and such is the technology today, that amazing effects and transitions can be used to complement the short film that introduces a company and their products. The concept will make or break the production, and with that in mind, here are a few important factors to bear in mind when choosing a concept for your short promotional video production.

  • Define your Intended Purpose – This is the first step, and the objective might be to introduce a new product line, or to give your existing clients new information about either the organisation of their products. Talking to a video production company, such as https://www.ipermedia.com.au/, who happen to be a market leader, and they can sit down with you and help to define the video’s objectives. The production company will want to get involved at the earliest opportunity, and would be familiar with clients that have no concept as of yet.
  • Short and Sweet – This avoids the film becoming boring, and by making a short film that has the right impact, your message will be professionally delivered. It is tempting to go into great detail, but research tells us that more than 15 minutes begins to lose interest value, and the production company are with you every step of the way, especially with the concept.
  • Consider a Spokesperson – Using a well-known celebrity to narrate the film would certainly help the audience to associate the film with quality and value, which could be a voiceover, or you could include the spokesperson in the footage and centering the concept around that person.
  • Expert Opinion – If you have a concept in mind, the video production company will offer their opinion, and if they feel it is a workable concept, the next stage would be to build a storyboard. This storyboard graphically describes the scene, with artist’s impressions that help the client understand how the film would unfold.
  • Include a Call to Action – This is essential, as you want the right response after the consumer has watched the production, and could be a phone number or the company URL that is boldly displayed in the last few seconds of the film. The critical time to insert a call to action would be right at the end and perhaps that could include both website details and a phone number, which gives the viewer a chance to take it one step further.
  • Identify the Market(s) – Once you have defined the consumer target groups, your concept can be based around the group and their lifestyle, and with possible three or four target groups, the concept should work with all target groups.

The goal should include maximum exposure, which might include designing a DVD and cover, or uploading the film onto the company website of their Facebook page, and the marketing plan needs to in place prior the release. There are many online digital platforms that can host the film, such as social media sites. And you can also create your own app, onto which the production can be distributed to old and new customers alike.

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Seth Ejercito is a content editor at Media Buzzer.