Why a serviced office can save your small business money

Last Updated on August 16, 2020

In the current economic climate, running a successful business can be quite a daunting prospect, with even the most experienced of companies struggling to adjust to the recession. The chances of becoming more cost-effective are an increasingly problematic area – with every decision that you make as a company playing a much bigger role in its continued existence.

Your office space can have a key role in determining this, as it any stage an idea can be developed that could make you a success and prolong your company’s lifespan. In recent years, an increasing amount of businesses have chosen to cut costs by having a serviced office, making it one of the fastest growing sectors in the European and global property market today.

Having an office can be a difficult process, what with setting up accounts, furnishing it and organising contracts – often making it a more expensive task. Would you not rather have all of this done for you, and all you had to concern yourself with was moving in? That’s why having a serviced office can really help benefit your business as you are put in control and are able to reduce important costs.

In addition, you will often find that you can get a great discount from having a serviced office because you are essentially buying in bulk when it comes to services, meeting rooms, function rooms and much more, as a result you will generally be paying less and will find it much cheaper across the board to manage.

What are the benefits of a serviced office to my company?

Serviced offices can be a very useful way of cutting the costs of your business, as well as offering a wide range of benefits, some common examples include:

  • Cost-effective – Serviced offices are often a cheaper option of running a business because you are effectively paying to rent an office with all the benefits in one supplement, rather than paying for everything on an individual basis
  • Accessibility – Many serviced offices include useful facilities such as: conference rooms, air-conditioning, high-speed broadband and secretarial assistants
  • Flexibility – Many new, but not necessarily small, businesses cannot accurately predict their headcount figures over a two or three year time span. A serviced office can provide you with suitable space and you have the luxury of not being tied down to it if you decide to expand further
  • Shared facilities – rather than paying for your own facilities, you are often given the option to share facilities at a lower cost
  • Financial control – you are given more control over your finance because you are reducing expensive running costs. You will be able to forecast how much you spend, giving you a higher level of financial control
  • Networking – Having the ability to network with fellow businesses and employees who might be sharing your office can be very beneficial, as you generate new leads and clients all in the comfort of your own building

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