Zen Business vs. LegalZoom

Incorporating an LLC, Limited Liability Company, is a popular way of forming a business these days.

In fact, figures suggest that there are thousands of individuals looking to incorporate a business each day.

An LLC certainly bridges the gap between those often-formal corporations and casual partnerships or sole proprietorships.

However, for those looking to incorporate an LLC in the United States, it’s also necessary to appoint a registered agent.

One of the best ways of doing this is via the use of a professional. Not only does this mean employing a knowledgeable company that provides a registered agent, but they’ll also take care of all the LLC formation finer details for you.

Two such companies that provide these services are the popular Zen Business and LegalZoom.

Here we pit the two against one another to see who comes out on top when it comes to LLC services.

Zen Business vs. LegalZoom a Brief Background

Zen Business Origins: Created in 2015, Zen Business prides itself on its smaller formation type and believes this gives it a competitive edge when it comes to dealing with those smaller business customers. With the ability to tailor all their LLC services to specific requests, they promote their impressive track record of individual expert support alongside the use of some of the more sophisticated technology in the market.

LegalZoom Origins: Founded in 2001, LegalZoom has been at the forefront of LLC formations and has become one of the most recognized service providers in their field. Chosen by millions of businesses of all types, they work on a 100% satisfaction guarantee commitment to all customers. By utilizing a whole host of professionals in their team, they work tirelessly to redefine the legal care system.

Zen Business vs. LegalZoom for Pricing and Packages

Zen Business Costs: Customers can select from three package types at Zen Business to form their LLC, including their starter at $49, their Pro at $179, and their Premium at $299.

A considerably lower price for a starter pack, many customers note this really is all they need to get their company off the ground and is much cheaper when compared to several other starter and economy packs offer by other LLC providers.

For their Registered Agent services, Zen Business starts its costs from $99 per year. But, with the price using the term from in its description, it’s always worth scrutinizing the exact services you’ll receive for your individual business before committing here, as the prices could rise.

LegalZoom Business Costs: LegalZoom also offers customers a choice of three packages for LLC formation, including Economy at $79, Standard at $329, and Express Gold at $349.

Their Economy package is an excellent entry-level service, while the Express Gold merely includes both Economy and Standard, offering a faster processing service. Yet, some customers find the Standard package, which appears to be the widely chosen one, a little too expensive for what it includes.

LegalZoom’s Registered Agent services start at a flat fee of $299 per year. This, too, is a little on the steep side when compared to that of Zen Business, for example.

Zen Business vs. LegalZoom for Track Records

Zen Business Feedback: This company has a fantastic customer feedback rate, with many of the comments centered around the ease of using Zen Businesses services. Also claimed to be the preferred choice for some due to their socially conscious status, their low costs are certainly appreciated by those smaller businesses and start-ups.

LegalZoom Feedback: LegalZoom has amassed some excellent, highly rated customer feedback, which revolves primarily around their straightforward and nonsense business advice. Though their friendless is also highly rated, they gain much attention for their overall friendliness and willingness to deal with many a varied business type.

Zen Business vs. LegalZoom for Customer Service

Zen Business Helpfulness: Undeniably, Zen Business offers a customer support service to rival many LLC service providers. This extends to phone, email, and webchat. Available from 9 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday Eastern time, customers report that phones are always answered swiftly, and the representative on the other end of the line is always courteous and knowledgeable in their response.

LegalZoom Helpfulness: Unfortunately, where LegalZoom excels everywhere else, it’s in their customer service support where they show some signs of failure. Many a reviewer will praise their overall services but also mention how difficult it is to contact their team. Though we’ve personally managed without hassle here, it has to be said that their email support is of concern. With long response times and then incomplete information offered, the company really does need to reconsider their communication when it comes to his method.

Zen Business vs. LegalZoom Who Gets our Vote?

In conclusion, we can find many advantages to both Zen Business and LegalZoom when it comes to selecting a professional and reputable company to deal with your LLC formation.

Ultimately, the choice may come down to the particular type of business you wish to incorporate. Indeed, Zen Business is ideally placed to work with those smaller and entrepreneurial company types. At the same time, LegalZoom does a fantastic job of catering to the more significant sized businesses and more unique categories.

However, it may well come down to the pricing structure and indeed what additional items you want to see in the packages offered.

Zen Business is undoubtedly a low-cost service and offers users access to many more services, but only when established. At times, some customers report they can’t quite keep up with the services of other established LLCs.

On the other hand, LegalZoom has a massive team of professionals working behind the scenes, which has only increased its brand name. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is certainly a pull for many regarding confidence. However, it’s worth noting that to get the best service package, the prices are on the more expensive side.

For this reason, and in our professional opinion, of course, for their ability to provide top-class customer service, Zen Business just edges the competition and gets our vote here for the best LLC Service provider.

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