How to Make Every Dollar Count in Your Small Business Budget

Starting a company with very little money can be a challenging process - but it's not impossible. Entrepreneurs are often a restless bunch, and they want to jump into action as quickly as possible, but it's important to make sure that you have everything you need first - including a financial strategy.By making sure that you have a plan in mind for how you're going to manage your business budget, you can improve your chances of making every penny count for your organisation. Since cash flow is king in the world of the entrepreneur, the following tips could be the difference between success and failure for your new venture. … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Your Working Life as a Small Business Owner

Running a small business is a challenge at the best of times. Sometimes, you make the mistake of trying to do it all and won’t hire in. Other times, your procedures aren’t the best to keep your operations humming along nicely.Here are some tips on how to optimize your working life to make it a bit less stressful.Hiring Key RolesThere comes a time in any small business when it makes sense to hire someone to do some of the work for you. Then you can focus on the most important tasks that you’re most suitable for and no one else can do.If you’re in the Phoenix area, then consider working with Corporate Job Bank. They’re a … [Read more...]

How to optimize an online store for SEO

Let’s focus on how can you optimize your website, and to do so, we'll hear from the specialist who created e-commerce software to run an online store, is a high ranking position in Google so important?If your online store and your products are visible on Google, this will bring more traffic to your website. It will also positively affect profits. Don't forget that a majority of customers look for products on Google by using the appropriate keywords. And here's how to have your site found for those keywords.1. Your domain should match the name of the storeWe will start with the optimization of the … [Read more...]

Important Small Business Finance Tips You Need to Know

small business finance

Whether you are a new small business owner wanting to start a venture, or an experienced entrepreneur looking for new ways to grow your businesses, getting business finance right is always important. The only way you can run a successful and sustainable small business is by managing its finances properly.Whether you are a new small business owner wanting to start a venture, or an experienced entrepreneur looking for new ways to grow your businesses, getting business finance right is always important. The only way you can run a successful and sustainable small business is by managing its finances properly.In a previous article, we … [Read more...]

Top 6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring B2B Lead Generation Services

There are several B2B lead generation services operating on the market. With the skills and resources they have to build high-quality leads for your small business, having a professional lead generation company can be a good partner. Be sure you choose a service provider who can deliver what you pay for. Here are top questions to ask before hiring a B2B lead generation service.1.    What type of lead generation company are you?The type of lead generation company you’ll be hiring depends upon your own process of handling your sales leads. Ideally, the two primary types of lead generation companies are major account … [Read more...]

4 Things to Know About Running a Small Business

Small Business ideas

We can all achieve grand things in the running of our small businesses, if we follow some rules and tips of advice consistently. Running a small business is not as easy as it seems (from the books we read on the subject). However, there are many things that can work when we follow some of the tips in this article. We all want to run our businesses successfully and therefore, we need to ensure that we invest in the business and spend more time in its management - this means accountability. As a business manager, you need to ensure that you are investing time and money in it as well as into your employees. Ensure, also, that customer accounting … [Read more...]

Why Data-Driven Thinking Is Important Across Your Organization

Why Data-Driven Thinking Is Important Across Your Organization

Everyone agrees that data has immense value – but for who exactly? Many companies conclude they need to start collecting and leveraging data. Then they assign the job to a small number of scientists and share the insights only with the C-Suite. This approach is understandable, to an extent. It’s also extremely short sighted.The air of exclusivity around data is giving way to a more democratic understanding. Companies currently using data have quickly realized that if it’s good for some, it’s good for all. Instead of trying to isolate data-driven thinking, these companies are trying to expand it. And they are making it a priority because … [Read more...]

5 Costly Business Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

5 Costly Business Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Starting a small business is fraught with risks and a great deal of careful planning is needed to ensure the business gets off to a good start. Aside from the obvious marketing strategies, you will also need to determine what your product or service has to offer the potential customer that others do not. Life is all about learning from your mistakes, and with that in mind, here are some basic errors to avoid when setting up a business.No Marketing Plan - It matters not how good your product or service is, without a predefined digital marketing plan, the road ahead will be tough. With so much competition, consider finding a leading … [Read more...]

5 Top Tips for Starting a Successful Small Business

5 Top Tips for Starting a Successful Small Business

The idea of quitting your current job, venturing into your own small business, and taking control of your working hours sounds very interesting and lucrative. However, starting the business of your dreams is not as easy as it sounds. The success rates for start-ups are quite low and scary as well. Majority of new businesses operate in losses for the first few months.However, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of being successful in your new business. Here are the five top tips that you should consider:Evaluate and pinpoint your goalsBefore going into anything, you have to start by knowing your goal. Once you … [Read more...]

How to Predict if a New Business Idea is Any Good

How to Predict if a New Business Idea is Any Good

Business is tough; that’s despite the fact it is now easier than ever to reach thousands of customers across the globe. The issue is in the level of competition; the easier it gets for you to reach a larger customer base, the easier it is for others.The world may be shrinking but competitiveness is greater than ever.If you want to be taken seriously you need to understand the next steps after forming a company. This is critical to showing your authenticity and determination; two factors which are often used to assess the viability of any business.Consider this, Airbnb is worth over $30 billion but the initial idea in 2008 was … [Read more...]

Improving Ecommerce Customer Engagement

Improving Ecommerce Customer Engagement

An engaged customer is a loyal customer. However, customer loyalty depends heavily upon trust. Improving your ecommerce customer engagement strategy will help you in both regards.Here’s what you need to do.Demonstrate Your Willingness to ListenAsking for feedback is a great way to demonstrate your concern for the nature of your customer’s shopping experience. A good ecommerce theme, like those provided by Shopify permit the inclusion of a comments section. Customers can provide unsolicited feedback about your products, services and how you facilitate their needs.Run customer surveys from time to time. Include a note with each … [Read more...]

Unpacking the Pros and Cons of Amazon FBA

Unpacking The Pros And Cons Of Amazon FBA

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is a paid service by e-commerce giant Amazon where members are allowed to store their products in fulfillment centers of warehouses. Amazon does almost everything for the seller since it takes care already of the picking, packing, shipping and giving customer service for the products that a merchant sends them.If you don’t know it yet, a business can also use fbabee to help in prepping stocks to be forwarded to Amazon, making everything more convenient. You will need an Amazon Seller account to use this feature, which you can use for multi channel fulfillment. This means that you can also use FBA service for … [Read more...]

Small Business Benefits of PPC Advertising


Pay per Click (PPC) is a method through which businesses advertise to generate more clicks for their websites as opposed to getting the clicks through organic traffic. The two best examples of these are the ads you see on Facebook or the ones you see displayed above your Google search results. PPC has a simple workflow — a user clicks on an ad which redirects them to your website, and whenever this happens, you're charged for the visit. As long as you have designed your PPC properly, it will run smoothly and continue generating leads very inexpensively.How PPC benefits all stakeholdersIt seems obvious that PPC is good for the … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Growing Your Brand Organically Online

Corporate Branding

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that growing your business is not an easy process. It’s certainly not something that happens overnight, and it takes a dedicated marketing strategy. You can’t expect to expand your brand’s outreach just by throwing up a few blog posts every month.To grow your brand organically online you must understand several key elements that we’ll look at below. 1. Niche So many business owners are afraid to niche their specialty down. They think that if they remain broad in their scope that they’ll get more customers. However, nothing could be further from the truth.Pick a niche, know that niche inside … [Read more...]

5 DIY Marketing Options for Your Small Business

5 DIY Marketing Options for Your Small Business

Successful small businesses provide a great product or service, put their customers first, and know how to market themselves. An increasingly digital marketplace means that there is more competition for sales, but also more opportunity to reach target audiences locally, nationally, and even internationally. A savvy and frugal business owner can manage some marketing in-house. Here are five DIY marketing options for your small business.Produce Articles and BlogsBecoming a thought-leader in your space, as well as providing valuable and consistent content to your audience, is called inbound marketing. One of the best ways to reach your … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Long Working Hours Don’t Negatively Affect Employees

employee surveys

I just saw a post on that talks about how the "long-hours work culture" is killing employees. According to the author, overworked employees are prone to illness and stress and thus less likely to be less productive. But is this really true for every employee?There are several factors that determine the efficiency of an employee.1) Age of an employee2) Whether they work alone or in a group3) Their level of willpower4) Whether they are mentally or physically strong5) Nature of the work6) Work environment7) The intelligence of the employee8) Whether they are satisfied with their salary or … [Read more...]

How to Market Your Small Business on a Small budget  

small business web design

As a small business owner, you may often wonder how to compete with the massive advertising campaigns of larger competitors with seemingly unlimited budgets. Fret not, because a small businesses on a limited budget can still take advantage of a number effective marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at some tips from Capstone. Build your presence online – the right way Unfortunately, many small businesses often spend far too much time and money on social media which is an inefficient use of your precious resources. As a small business owner and operator, you don’t need to have a presence on every social media platform. Rather, you should … [Read more...]

Functional and Efficient Ideas for Small Business Construction

international small business

The trick to any successful build is to get the right balance between function and efficiency. This will ensure you can make the most of the space, keep your building costs to a minimum and even reducing the costs of running your small business.There are several ideas to consider but the first step in the process should be to make sure you have the right labour to hire in Sydney.Hidden StorageA great way to reduce the space you need outside your small business is to build a storage unit behind your space. This is not as difficult or as expensive as it may seem. Assuming the land owner and local ordinance allows, you can even … [Read more...]

5 Clever Small Business Ideas With Minimal Or No Investment Needed


Whether you are a fresh graduate or a college student, whether you are a full-time employee or a housewife who wants to utilize her time and education, you can always step into small business.Many people fear that they are no experts. But experts are only made through experience. The business world is way different from the theoretical study you have done in college.As a student, you can gather money to be invested in the business from student loans. Though it is not a safe option, it is the only option if you haven’t  any savings. If repayment is a huge task for you, consider refinancing the loans. Go to stilt to read more about … [Read more...]

How an SEO Strategy Resulted In Increased Sales

international small business

The digital world is a free world for any undertaker and this very principle has raked in a lot of small business brick and mortar store owners to expand their businesses. But what makes the online world such an ongoing fad? SEO. SEO is the main ingredient that helps small businesses draw greater traffic. Although SEO is a fairly easy process, it requires attention to detail and perseverance. Once you’re employing the SEO strategy correctly, you’ll reap many benefits, such as creating fast, robust, and easy to navigate websites ranking high in the search engines. The ranking is the crux of the SEO strategy; it helps bring filtered and … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Hire a Business Consultant

small business consulting

Small businesses have six major functions, i.e., production, research, and purchasing. The other three are marketing, human resource management, and accounting. Each function contributes to the success of the enterprise. Similarly, periodic improvements are necessary for all of them. Most small businesses hire consultants to advise them on these improvements. These consultants help by analyzing the situation. Then they propose viable solutions. However, the cost of hiring a consultant is significant. Consequently, some business owners choose to forfeit these services. Doing so is a mistake because consulting is an invaluable service. Here are … [Read more...]

How to Achieve and Maintain a Sustainable Small Business

Sustainablility in small business

Today, in an era of when technology is developing at a faster pace than ever and data drives every decision. Companies have a responsibility to pay close attention to issues of environmental responsibility, analyse and optimize their ecological footprint and effectively use technology to preserve the environment. It sounds easy if you say it quickly enough, but what does it really involve?Preserving and recycling We have all had the importance of recycling drilled into us, but it means more than throwing your drinks can into the appropriate bin. Manufacturers and shippers can use recycled materials for packing and shipping, while in … [Read more...]

Flexibility, Professional, Affordable – What Can You Expect From Virtual Offices?

Virtual Offices

Indonesia’s commercial real estate market is similar to others where the closer you get into the city the higher the rents.  A few of the other issues that those looking to lease space in this country relates to infrastructural issues that can make securing an office difficult.  For the most part, unless you can connect with someone in the know, finding office space through a serviced office provider can be one way to alleviate finding space in this country.Generally speaking, because there is an overgrowth of buildings in some cities compounded by infrastructural issues, the rents in prestigious locations are high. One solution is to … [Read more...]

Small Business Tips and Tricks: Internal Software for Enhanced Productivity

small business Productivity

Whether you have a small business that produces profits in the hundreds or thousands, or millions, productivity and professionalism must reign to keep up appearances. Both software and hardware have been used interchangeably to help the salesforce post numbers and improve the company's bottom line. Certain software apps, such as, are able to bridge gaps in customer service and sales knowledge.Disconnected WorldAs technology has risen, so has the emergence of disconnected devices. You might have email, company databases and websites to access as a salesperson. Each area requires a different password, and they certainly don't … [Read more...]

Are Small Business Loans a Solution for the Latino Community?

small business lender

Have you put your business plans on hold because you don't think you'd qualify for a small business loan? You've even heard that Latino and other minority communities aren't considered loan worthy among traditional bank lenders. In fact, the word on the street is that minorities generally pay higher interest rates on smaller loans. Without access to working capital you already know there won't be sustainable cash flow to operate your business.Your formidable concerns are daunting and cast a shadow over your dreams. You may feel left behind before you even begin. But read ahead. There may be solutions available.According to Forbes … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Marketing is of Upmost Importance For Your Small Business

small business marketing

No matter how great your product or service is, it won’t make much impact if marketing is absent. A proper marketing strategy is a key that will unlock your small business and launch it to success. Here are 3 reasons marketing is of the upmost importance:   It Gives Your Small Business VisibilityThe reason for your business’ existence is to solve a specific problem by offering a particular product or service. Your business is part of an existing industry and there are other businesses meeting the demand from the target market.For your business to reach out to its target customers and accomplish its mission, it needs to be … [Read more...]

5 Ways Having a Merchant Account will Improve your Small Business

merchant account

A merchant account allows a small business to receive payments from multiple modes of payment options. This means that a business can have clients pay for their goods through credit cards or debit cards. When a small business operates a merchant account, it means that they have the advantage of receiving money from their clients. This is one of the most common modes of payments. In this article, we shall discuss some of the advantages of using ivr payments as the best merchant account.There are many opportunities and value additions that come with the use of a merchant account. A business that operates a merchant account has their … [Read more...]

How To Make The Most Profitable Franchise Business Plan

How To Make The Most Profitable Franchise Business Plan

You’ve started your own company and you’ve been running it for a significant amount of time. Everything’s going great, money’s coming in, but could you possibly accomplish more? Maybe it’s time for you to take the next step: business expansion. And what could be more obvious than creating a business franchise?You can be sure that the road is going to be long and winding, and if not full of dangers, before you become the next Ray Kroc, Fred DeLuca, or the rest of the most successful franchises in the world. So, this would be the best time to take a look at what you have so far and see if franchising would be the best direction for your … [Read more...]

Why Benefits like Company Cars Can Help You Retain Staff

company car

Prospective employees do everything they can to make themselves seem more competitive to potential employers. However, with nearly every market growing, employers now must also formulate ways to seem appealing to their employees.Providing company cars to your staff is a brilliant way to attract and motivate determined new hires who might otherwise look elsewhere for a new job.Cutting CostsWhen it comes to jobs and careers, the main motivator has always been money. Money can affect an employee’s lifestyle and therefore their work productivity. Happy employees have been proven to work harder, quicker, and more efficiently. By … [Read more...]

4 Small Business Tips to Create Engaging Marketing Videos

videos for small business

Trying to create engaging marketing videos for small businesses can be tough, and you probably don’t exactly have a large budget to hire a professional. The good news is that engaging marketing videos don’t have to cost a lot – all they require is the right approach.If you want to start creating videos that have a bigger impact on viewers and drive them to action, here are a few tips:Keep each video short and directEvery marketing video that you create should be short and direct. Don’t beat around the push or try to shove multiple messages into your video, but instead focus on one message per video.Basically the shorter your … [Read more...]