Small Business Fault and Liability for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents can have disturbing effects on a small business, and on a person’s life.  Cases arising from the aftermath of these accidents can be devastating, frustrating and even stressful. If you know a small business owner who has an employee involved in a collision, here are some of the things you need to know about fault and liability for motor vehicle accidents: What Do Fault And Liability Mean For Motor Vehicle Accidents? There are several factors which can determine who’s at fault and liable for a serious vehicle collision. Due to an increasing number of injuries and deaths caused by motor … [Read more...]

Tiрѕ for Running a Suссеѕѕful B2B Whоlеѕаlе Diѕtributiоn Business


1.    Aѕk yоurѕеlf whу Whу do уоu want tо gеt intо thе whоlеѕаle buѕinеѕѕ? It is bесаuѕе уоu would enjoy wоrking with other buѕinеѕѕеѕ and manufacturers, being the mаin роint оf contact bеtwееn the two? Or iѕ it bесаuѕе уоu think it is an easy wау to make money? Whоlеѕаling iѕ a dеmаnding buѕinеѕѕ, and саn rеquirе lоtѕ of up-front сарitаl, warehousing, lоgiѕtiсѕ рlаnning and customer ѕеrviсе ѕkillѕ. Aѕ thе main сhаnnеl bеtwееn thе mаnufасturеr аnd rеtаilеr, уоu mау find yourself dеаling with hundreds оf thоuѕаndѕ of unitѕ оf merchandise nееding to be ѕhiрреd асrоѕѕ thе соuntrу оn a mоmеnt’ѕ nоtiсе. Large rеtаilеrѕ оftеn pay on a Net-10 … [Read more...]

4 Small Businesses that Require an Occupational Therapy Degree

small business occupational therapy

If you are looking to build a small business around occupational therapy or already have your degree, there are many specialties that you can advance in, based on your interests and skills. While studying you will more than likely find an age bracket or practice you enjoy working with best. Below are a few you may come across. Pediatrics If you love working with children and young people, you may want to open a small business pediatric occupational therapy practice. You may work with children who have been in an accident or have a disability which means they need help in daily tasks that other children take for granted. This can be an … [Read more...]

5 Effective Pieces of Branding Advice for Small Businesses

small business branding

Branding is important for both big and small business. The activity is a crucial ingredient for business’ success. Since I'm in Sydney, Australia, I'll talk about it from that perspective. Often companies in Sydney don’t focus on building strong brands. The fact is that branding is at the heart of the success of any business. In many ways, you can substitute brands for the products. Branding is how a small business is perceived by the customers. It goes beyond the product to include such things as a feeling of status, class, quality and loyalty. This is the reason Apple, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and others have a strong brand following … [Read more...]

5 Ways the Social Media Age Changed Public Relations for Small Business

social media small business

Public Relations (PR) is described as a form of communication which is used for building a positive image of an organization across their industry. But how did PR secure a position of necessity for small business?   We know the field of public relations has undergone a lot of changes over the past decade. But one thing which changed the whole PR profession is social media. Though in the greater picture, it has not only influenced change within PR, but social media has actually altered how people communicate, advertise, sell and buy.   Here are five ways Social Media changed PR forever -   1.    Made it Affordable and … [Read more...]

Is Your Small Business Responsible In A Trucking Accident?

small business trucking accident

Disclaimer: The contents of this article should not be taken as legal advice and should only be used as a resource to provide information about what you can do whenever your business is involved in a trucking accident. You should always seek for the services of a lawyer specializing in tracking accident cases to give you a more in-depth view of this matter. You have hectares of lands with fruit-bearing trees.  Because of this, you’ve started your business and eventually, your business expanded. After a few years, you’re now supplying fruits to your local supermarkets. You started supplying fruits for two local supermarkets and then, three, … [Read more...]

Should a Small Business Provide Vehicles to its Employees?

fleet vehicle

To determine whether or not to provide company cars to your employees you should consider the pros and cons. Pros Below are some reasons why you might want to provide company vehicles. Maintain Control By providing your employees with cars, you maintain more control over their work than if they had to use their own vehicles. Why is this important? In situations where your employee is required to transport equipment, by providing their vehicles, you can be sure the equipment will reach the desired location. Some businesses need special types of vehicles for things like making deliveries. By providing the right kind of vehicle like … [Read more...]

4 Cost-Cutting Ideas For Small Business

small business interns

Cutting costs isn't difficult, although it often seems as if you're stuck between a rock and a hard place when you're looking at the problem from the inside. You don't have to make an enormous sacrifice to save enough money to make a difference; you just have to shop smart and think outside the cubicle. Remember that new and shiny doesn't always mean best, and if you can use thrift as you outfit your workspace, you should do so—there's nothing wrong with buying something secondhand, not if it means getting your own business up and running. Opt for Gently Used Equipment You won't believe the amount of office furniture and supplies tossed … [Read more...]

4 Innovative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Drive website traffic

One of the most vital aspects to a healthy small business is a steady stream of traffic to your website. If you’re not generating good leads and engaging with your customers on a regular basis you’re walking a tightrope that could end in disaster. Without a lively website and the traffic to support it any business –– no matter how well run it is –– could see their profits go down. What’s more, the competition for clicks has never been fiercer than it is today. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy amount of visits to your website, and increase the number of clicks you get with these four innovative … [Read more...]

5 Crucial Elements Necessary to Set the Stage for Small Business Events


In your small business, no matter the type of event you want to host, from a lush corporate affair, glam product launches, to enriching art events and adrenaline pumping sports activities, you want to make sure you’ve done everything to set the stage for success. So how do you put on a good show to maximize engagement and create an elaborate performance platform? The right team of audiovisual engineers, technicians, and event management specialists are crucial, as is your set designer and project manager. Event organizers looking to engage with their audience and create a heightened event experience need to ensure crucial elements are … [Read more...]

What Different Types Of Services Does Your Small Business Need?

data recovery

If you find an excellent business opportunity, either based on a product that you’ve invented or by tapping into an established market, you won’t get far unless you identify the business-to-business (B2B) services that you need to set up, operate, or solve business problems. The type of services that you'll need, of course, depends on your particular type of business. However, some basic services that you’ll need whether you run a completely virtual business or have an online presence as an extension of your brick-and-mortar business, include a computer system and network, a website, and a marketing plan. You may also need specialized … [Read more...]

Developing A Positive Work Culture

small business culture

It seems like every week you hear about some giant company running amuck, messing with customers, or mistreating their employees. The ramifications of those actions can run into the millions of dollars, not to mention all the potential clients and customers that are lost. Here’s a pro tip, don’t be like that. Creating an environment in your small business where you not only respect the customer, but your coworkers and employees as well, will save you money in the long run. A positive work culture makes your business a more attractive destination. Companies like Uber and Equifax have recently been on the receiving end of terrible PR due to the … [Read more...]

5 Common Myths About Small Business Insurance

5 Common Myths About Small Business Insurance

Being your own boss comes with a lot of perks: you get to work on something that you’re passionate about and you get to do it on your own terms. The downside is that you’re also the one losing sleep over the risks that come with owning a business. One way to mitigate risk is with insurance; however, many small business owners - especially those that work from home - neglect this important safeguard. Are you falling victim to one of these common myths about small business insurance? Myth #1: My business is so small, I don’t need insurance. Almost 50 percent of business owners don’t have business insurance, either because they are afraid … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Redecorate Your Small Business Office or Cubicle


Whether you have an office to yourself or an office cubicle, it’s important to take it from a sparse area that’s uninspiring and vacant to one that is uplifting and positive. It can be a little tricky with office areas when redecorating them because not everyone understands the concept of improving your office space for a better life. You may also be subject to some restrictions about you can and cannot do in your area, so check the regulations in your office before you begin. Here are a few ways to change your office or office cubicle to make it more inviting. A Painting Hanging on the Wall When you have your own office with some decent … [Read more...]

5 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Small Business Offline

Small business marketing

With the rapid growth in online marketing, most offline methods are being forgotten each time marketing campaigns are strategized; most people prefer to grow a business online. It is obvious that online marketing is hugely significant in today’s internet-connected world, but offline interactions with clients still have a special and unique value that can’t be forgotten. If you want to provide your business with a real marketing boost, its time you looked outside the box. Below are five powerful offline selling tricks that don’t need a big marketing budget. You could combine them with the digital methods if you want to grow your … [Read more...]

4 Types of Repairs Your Company Vehicles May Need

Small business fleet

If your small business owns a company car, or a fleet of them, then you know the importance of regular vehicle service and maintenance. That’s because, a company car is part of your organization’s assets and you don’t want it to depreciate faster, than its expected lifespan. On top of that, if it’s a branded company car, you don’t want it breaking down often, which might send the wrong signals about the overall quality of the brand. For you to take good care of your company car, you need to have a good understanding of the most common maintenance issues that you have to deal with. To help you out with this, we have compiled a list of 4 … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses Can Create Content That Ranks Well in Search Engines


Once upon a time, there were something called SEO copywriters, and small business owners clamored to hire them. These SEO copywriters seemed to have magical word skills that allowed them to place just the right keywords in just the right places and amounts, and even in the densities that were just right for miraculous top rankings. And that’s all you needed… or at least that’s what was (and still is) advertised. There’s no doubt that keywords still matter, especially in titles. Search engines generally prefer to key in on the words people are looking for. But as SEO pro Rand Fishkin will tell you, “measurements like keyword density are … [Read more...]

8 Qualities of Outstanding Business Leadership

Small business leadership

Good leaders aren’t born; they work tirelessly to accumulate the perfect combination of skills that help them direct groups to greatness. Through formal education, self-guided exploration, and general life experience, leaders slowly but surely find the right way to behave to inspire others and accomplish goals. In the past, it took a lifetime to understand the perfect blend of skills and traits, but today, you can gain insight from great leaders who have done the work for you. If you want to be a leader in business, you must strive to develop for following qualities within yourself: Confidence There is no such thing as an insecure … [Read more...]

5 Essential Marketing Tips for Small or Solo Law Firms

marketing for law firms

Large law firms tend to enjoy word of mouth marketing from clients and positive press, if not brand recognition in their given market. Small and solo law firms have a greater challenge receiving attention and generating a steady stream of clients. Here are five essential marketing tips for small or solo law firms. Free Consultations without Losing Clients You don’t want to give highly detailed legal advice in first meetings since this can eliminate the need for the client to see you. However, offering free initial meetings with limited advice while you learn about the potential client can generate new business. Free Advice to Create Paying … [Read more...]

Posture in the Workplace

Exercise ball for the office

Just about everyone sits down in their workplace; whether sitting at a desk or in a car. Unfortunately most people aren’t sitting properly and causes stress and pain. By improving your posture in the workplace you can improve your work day and keep your body happy. Sitting properly is about your workplace as well as how you actually sit. You may need to rearrange your desk or adjust your seat to get the right level of comfort. Improving your workplace posture could very well allow you to enjoy more things because you’re in less pain. Keep reading for advice from the business experts BWA. Sit on a Ball There’s nothing wrong with having a … [Read more...]

What to Consider When Building a Marketing Plan

Tradeshow marketing

Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr’s epigram, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” applies to the marketing landscape. Marketing isn’t always easy to master-- not because its concepts or application are inherently complex, but because business and consumer trends change over time. Yet, ironically, in some cases, tried-and-true strategies endure the vicissitudes of cultural change and technological advancements. Trade shows, for example, still have a huge impact on a company’s efforts to network and brand its product line, despite the fact that digital marketing makes it unnecessary for people to meet in person. This is because … [Read more...]

The Top 3 Differences Between Smart Hands and Remote Hands

Data centers for small businesses

Whether you are running a small business or an organization, the services of a data center are very important. For day to day running of operations, a data center would be the ideal central point to contain your data and applications. You can organize, store, process and distribute all kinds of data from the center. Small businesses that require the services of a colocation provider are often met with the challenge of the differences in billing. The second challenge that they face is that some providers offer only one of the services such as smart hand services and not remote hand services. Smart hands services involve a support system … [Read more...]

4 Daily Tasks Your Accountancy Small Business Should Complete to Improve Online Marketing Efforts

Accountancy small business

If you’ve only recently started your own accountancy business because you’ve got your online masters of accounting and years of experience working for a top firm, it’s important you get your marketing efforts spot on. If you lack marketing knowledge, your competitors are only going to take advantage and land the clients you crave. Unfortunately, not many people are taught about marketing during their masters degree in accounting. If your current marketing efforts aren’t paying off, here are a few of the tasks you should complete on a daily basis to improve them. 1.      Regularly Engage with Your Audience on Social Media Even a simple … [Read more...]

How to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Office

Healthy in the office

Staying fit and healthy when you work in an office is no small feat. You’re often around colleagues who have the flu and come in to work anyway, not because they want to but because they have to. You work long hours, meaning you hardly see any sunlight and going to the gym at 4am is beyond you. Someone’s always messing with the temperature so it’s hard to stay warm and the café’s nearby are not exactly helping you trim down. Get a standing desk This one is a no brainer with the endless news reports that show office workers and adults who sit for long stretches of time throughout the day have a higher risk of early death, particularly from … [Read more...]

6 tips for marketing your online personal training small business

personal training small business

  So, you’ve got your certificate of fitness in hand and you’re ready to launch your online personal training business. Your website is live and you’re keen to get started helping people reach their fitness goals. Now all you need to know is how to get in front of prospective client and encourage them to sign up. Promoting an online business can be challenging, but it’s essential you get comfortable selling and marketing your services. Creative marketing strategies can help you achieve quality leads and grow your online personal training business. Here are 6 tips for marketing your online PT business: Create monthly emails … [Read more...]

Four Top Tips For A Wellness Startup

Wellness startup

At the beginning of 2017, researchers at the Global Wellness Institute reported that the growth of the wellness industry “appears unstoppable”. This multi-trillion global market has exhibited a resilience and success which has eluded other industries, and with trends indicating that young consumers are more health-conscious than ever before, it seems there’s no better time to launch a wellness startup. Carving out a niche in the world of wellness with your own startup will be a challenge, but one with the potential to provide huge rewards. Big names in the wellness industry such as Deliciously Ella and the Hemsley Sisters have demonstrated … [Read more...]

What Do Criminal Justice Employers Look for in New Hires?

Criminal justice

If you’re looking for a career in criminal justice, not only will you need an online CJ degree (masters in criminal justice online) from a top university like the University of Cincinnati, but you’ll also need numerous personal skills to attract the top employers. Whether you’re looking to get into forensics, data forensics, becoming part of the police force, or simply working for a private investigation firm, most employers will still look for the following personal qualities in new hires. Good Eye for Detail An excellent resume isn’t the only thing employers look for in new hires – that’s the minimum they expect. Whatever career you’re … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

Reduce printing costs

In the current economic climate, most businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs wherever they can.  One area where a lot of businesses could save money is on printing.  In addition to the cost of paper and ink, offices also have to account for storage and filing costs, and wasted man hours.  Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to reduce your printing costs.  We’re going to take a look at some of these in this article. 1. Choose an Economical Printer It’s easy to choose a brand name printer that’s advertised as being all singing, all dancing, but if your office doesn’t need a printer of this standard, you’re just wasting … [Read more...]

Effective Ways to Test New Business Ideas

Small Business ideas

Do you believe you have a business idea that has the potential to allow you to create a successful and profitable new business? Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believe they do, but they eventually find out that their dream of starting such a venture turns into a nightmare. To avoid this situation, it's essential to test a new small business idea before committing too much money and resources and you can do this in the following ways. Place Your Business in Front of Your Market To quickly find out if shoppers and customers want your products or services, you must place them in front of your potential market. However, this can be a costly … [Read more...]

Employee Reward & Recognition Ideas

As of late, a majority of employers are taking extra measures to reward their employees as well as to recognise the hard work and effort that they put in. The undeniable truth in any work environment is that employees are the company’s biggest and most valuable asset, and if it wasn’t for the employees, routine operations would cease and the company wouldn’t have managed to get this far. However, many employers somehow overlook the importance of employee recognition due to their own selfish needs, but they forget that their employees are not robots. In fact, they are just as human as the employer. It is unfair and inhumane to treat the … [Read more...]