The Benefits of Hiring Twenty-Somethings

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Employing individuals with bountiful experience seems to be a great choice. Yet today, more and more small companies choose to hire young professionals. But, today’s generation is far different from older generation in numerous regards, from their political perspectives to the professions they pick (or don’t pick). Benefits of hiring younger workersMoreover, 20-somethings are eager to work, can multitask and work under pressure. They are always ready to get hired and their existence can create a great impact on your business. In my personal experience I was first hired for an online writing job while I was 17 years old and still in college. And I did great. From then on the company hired more youngsters like me

So what are the benefits of hiring young employees? 

In choosing to hire an employee who has been working for many years, you will be able to gain a big part of their experiences, and in a few cases, their contacts. This is advantageous to you and your business. Likewise you need bright thinkers and new approaches to associate to your market. This is where youth is an advantage. Generation Y, while there is a lack in experience, can make up innovative new plans that can suit the current market better than more senior workers.


Young professionals, in addition, are enthusiastic, energetic and physically active. The amount of work they can offer is greater. According to studies, companies that have younger employees tend to have workers with less experience, but result in an effective workforce. Facebook’s median worker (28) has been with the company just 1.1 years but see how successful the company today. Among other popular and booming companies with young workers include Zynga (28); Google (29); and AOL, Blizzard Entertainment, InfoSys, and (all 30).


Ever heard of the saying “You cannot teach old dog new tricks”? Well, this is quite true and is one of the disadvantages of hiring more senior people. Twenty somethings are more likely to be open-minded and flexible as compared to senior workers. They are not afraid of new challenges and more than willing to embrace change. Young professionals represent the future of your business as well. For instance, if you are planning to sell to the up and coming generation, they can be your customer by providing your company new and fresh information that can allow your business to expand or increase its business opportunities for the years to come.

Technical Savvy

Finally, the most obvious strength that young professionals have, is their knowledge on modern technology, which can be a battle for older employees. Young employees are skillful when it comes to utilizing different computer functions, the internet economy, and many other IT related concerns. This is a big advantage for small businesses when it comes to implementing cost saving technological changes. They are also very active in various social media platforms and can instantly connect with other people if they need to promote their services or their companies.

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